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How Many Soulmates Can You Have? A No-BS Guide

How Many Soulmates Can You Have? A No-BS Guide

How many soulmates can we have…? How many soulmates do we have?

The truth is, no one can give a linear or definite answer to these questions, because we have many soulmates. We have many lives!

Our souls are eternal and experience many, many, lives. Everyone we meet can arguably be considered a soulmate, as everyone has a soul.

Yes, even those toxic and diabolical people who try to trigger you to connect to your inner devil. 

We all have a dark and a light side, truth be told. Some people resonate more with their darkness and others more with their light and knowing this is significant when exploring karmic soulmates. 

But an ultimate truth – a higher truth free from human judgment and ignorance or illusion, is that everyone has the potential to be a soulmate.

What Is A Soulmate?

How many Soulmates can we have?

A soulmate is someone who shares similar interests, qualities, and morals. A soulmate is a companion.

They are a companion to your soul, so someone you are compatible with and find common ground with.

Soulmates are those resonant souls or spirits through which we reflect positive (or negative, in some cases), qualities.

Usually, there is a shared resonance, i.e. you mirror and reflect positive characteristics of compassion, empathy, kindness, respect, tolerance, understanding, connection, etc.

Soulmates come into your life to teach you one or more lessons.

This is the key to all soulmate bonds- there are always lessons to learn. There are always deeper truths about yourself to discover.

Further, soulmates tend to reflect identical or similar ideologies and beliefs, including belief systems.

Let's explore the main soulmate types now:

Types of soulmates

#1. Platonic Soulmate

Platonic soulmates are deep and lasting friendships. These are the soulbonds created where you feel a real closeness, a real kindred spirit connection.

These soulmates are essentially best friends, non-romantic companions, and friends you may have some occasional romantic and sexual longings and feelings for, but it never evolves past the friend zone.

Platonic soulmates usually show you who you are as a person.

They are here to show you the full spectrum of your soul, and this includes what you seek in friendship, love, a monogamous relationship, and life holistically.

A platonic soulmate doesn´t signify that you won´t ever feel sexual attraction, chemistry, or romantic yearnings.

Quite the contrary, these soulmate types often show you exactly who you are, which incorporates a wide range of emotions, feelings, and desires.

Ultimately, a platonic soulmate is a friend, animal companion, aunty or uncle, cousin, parent, sibling, or even plant.

Oh yes, you can feel a platonic soulmate connection with plants, trees, and natural entities. 

The key to understanding platonic soulmate connections- for your knowledge acquisition and self-evolution- is to recognize that everything has a soul.

Every living thing is interconnected in a grand design of life. Even nature entities, the planets, the earth, and crystals & gemstones are “living,” on some subtle and spiritual plane. 

So, these soulmate bonds are a total reflection of you.

Your psyche comes to light through these connections, as do subconscious and behind the scenes or invisible forces, needs, wants, beliefs, etc.

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#2. Kindred Spirit

The Kindred spirit connection as a type of Soulmate relationship

A kindred spirit is a soulmate bond that goes a step further than a platonic bond, which- again- can be an animal or plant in addition to a human.

Kindred spirits are the people we consciously choose to journey with in this life, such as deciding that they are “one of your people” (on a real, non-superficial, and authentic level) and thus making a life with them.

You may join creative or professional forces with a kindred spirit, finding resonance in your colorful, funky, healing-natured, and inspirational soul.

Thus, you may find yourself on the community service or festival path, working together in unity at festivals or community events.

This is common with kindred spirit connections.

Simultaneously, you may “just know” when you meet them that they will be in your life for a very long time. There is a star seed connection here.

Kindred spirits often feel like they're part of the same soul group, tribe, soul family, or intergalactic starseed group. 

This means that it's almost a certainty that you will work together, joining forces for the same soul mission, life purpose, or destiny! 

Kindred spirit soulmate bonds always come to realize that they were brought together for some aspect of service.

This could be a charitable, humanitarian, environmental, creative, visionary, healing, shamanic, altruistic, or community-driven theme… or a combination of many of them. 

This is a powerful bond and kindred spirits should not be treated as any regular connection or informal acquaintance.

Unlike more superficial connections and friendships, the people who come and go, kindred spirit bonds are symbolized by depth, platonic intimacy, and higher self-guidance to lovingly assist planet earth.

Kindred spirits are here to raise humanity´s consciousness and contribute to the global shift in awakening!

So, if you´ve unconsciously lost a kindred spirit (through being in a toxic relationship or past cycle) seriously consider healing & making it right. 

#3. Romantic Soulmate

Romantic Soulmate couple

A romantic soulmate is usually always found within your friendship circle, or social circle once you have started to find yourself.

There are actually two types of romantic soulmates in this life…

The first is the romantic bonds we form when we are younger.

In youth, we have many romantic interests, so beginning a relationship when younger (pre- 20- 25) provides wonderful opportunities for growth.

These romantic soulmate connections from youth teach us a lot about ourselves, specifically our belief systems, interests and hobbies, passions, and both strengths and weaknesses.

Romantic soul bonds serve as mirrors for our emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical needs.

Sometimes we are conscious of these underlying driving forces, and other times it's more unconscious. Either way, considerable self-evolution, and growth come through these relationships.

The other type of romantic soulmate bond is when we are older, most likely from age 25- 30 and up.

At this stage in life, we have a much clearer picture of our likes, dislikes, strengths, talents, follies and flaws, interests, and passions.

The foundation of the self has been seen and established, in other words.

Romantic soulmates in later chapters and cycles of life help us take the “foundation” of self, what we have learned and integrated during our youth, and expand it to the next level.

These soulmates are better defined by a more grounded self-realization and self-actualization of your true path. 

This includes our true energy, mature and balanced personalities, real-world passions and core gifts, abilities, and talents, and how we wish to be of service in the world.

From this space, romantic soulmate bonds offer us more of a chance to evolve and “make it” in the real world.

There is life partner potential in these soulmate relationships. Like all soulmate connections, these serve as a reflection of your soul and a mirror of your inner world. 

But, they are of course sexual! In this respect, you can equally learn a lot about your sexual style and preferences.

If open to it, you can explore tantric intimacy in a romantic soulbond partnership. 

#4. Karmic Soulmate

A couple of karmic Soulmates

A karmic soulmate is quite specific. This is a soulmate connection defined by toxicity, jealousy, codependency, addiction, challenges, arguments, confusion and chaos, and many cycles of growth. 

There can be one or multiple (or all) aspects present in this list. 

There is love, there is lust, there are higher vibrational/dimensional aspects, and there are lower ones.

This soulmate bond is defined by the kundalini- an awakened chakra system.

Imagine the chakra system; the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras, and the awakened and activated kundalini holistically.

Sometimes there will be low points, and others high. 

At times there will be distortion, disharmony, and tension or friction.

This is a karmic love bond, a soulmate who has entered your life to show you what you need to heal.

Or, what you need to integrate and balance. There are many aspects to this connection.

The key difference between a karmic romantic & sexual connection and a higher soulmate, or twin flame, love, is… 

Non-karmic sexual/romantic bonds have real potential to be true love, twin flame, or life partner bond.

Yet karmic bonds always inevitably involve many challenges, tribulations, and conflicts- arguments, disagreements, and the like.

Also, projection of toxic traits. Projection, whether conscious or unconscious, is key to karmic soulmate relationships.

This, of course, pushes you to be the best version of yourself. 

Karmic relationships may stay in your life for months or years, or potentially even close to a decade. Ultimately, they help you with the following:

  • Awaken your kundalini and activate your Chakra system.
  • Heal old wounds and past traumas.
  • Serve as a reflection of your soul, innermost needs and desires, and strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help to access your higher mind & self, and spiritual body.
  • Assist you in discovering what you want in a life partner and relationship.
  • Potentially, if on more of a spiritual and/or shamanic path, gain insight on ways to transcend generational trauma and karma, and old soul contracts

Karmic soulmates may not be the “real deal,” but they can provide glimpses into how your future lasting relationship will be.

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#5. Higher Love Soulmate

Higher love Soulmate couple

A divine counterpart, twin flame (possibly), higher-level soulmate, someone who goes on to become your life partner; these are the different terms to define this type of soulmate. This is a blissful and beautiful union.

If you find your higher level or higher love soulmate in this life you should be proud!

It means you have evolved and self-mastered yourself. It means you´ve completed many levels and grown successfully.

This type of soulmate bond comes into your life when you have achieved balance, harmony, and integration.

Mind, body, & Spirit harmonization is integral to this bond, as is self-alignment with your soul and Higher Self. 

Also, emotional self-mastery. This is one of those ideal loves, where you start a family (without toxic energies and exchanges in play). 

Ideally, you have healed your wounds and trauma too, that is before securing a commitment, where you create and make a home and committed life together. 

Although not an absolute rule, the general (natural, universal) rule is that these soulmate bonds aren't built from the toxicity of youth.

So, if your connection was built off of lust, disloyalty, mistrust, and so forth, it is unlikely that you will find yourself in a higher love bond.

The only way this type of bond will work is if both of you have been utterly willing to evolve and heal together.

A spiritual, higher self, aspect must be present for this to happen. And great self-discipline is required!

When you find your higher-level soulmate, you will feel both a magnetic intensity and electric buzz.

You will experience flashes, visions, and insight of inspiration and synchronicity. You will know instinctively, in your gut, that you have found “the one.” 

It is an intense and powerful connection that activates and awakens your heart chakra, and all other chakras for this matter.

How Do You Know When You've Found Your Soulmate?

A woman wondering if she's found her Soulmate

If speaking about friendships, kindred spirits, and platonic soulmates, you will know through the instinctive feelings and impressions you get. Many people from the same soul group recognize each other! 

For romantic soulmate bonds, there is undeniable attraction and chemistry. Romantic karmic soulmate bonds light your soul on fire, while your higher love soulmate (if you´re blessed to receive this in this lifetime) creates a timeline shift.

You know you will never go back to karmic love affairs and flings, settle for anything that makes you compromise your true self, or give in to your own toxic cycles.

Tune into the color and various frequencies of your own soul and inner spirit. This is the door to all soulmate connections. Further, be conscious of your kundalini, the kundalini being your holistic and balanced self.

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Soulmate Astrology: Is It Real?

Typically speaking, yin signs are most compatible together. Yang signs are most compatible together too.

Air and fire, and water and earth, or being with a soulmate from your own element. This is where most natural harmony and synergy lie.

In saying this, amazing growth and learning can come about through differences. Distortion leads to unity and insight- a lack of synergy leads to finding common ground, respect, and mutual empathy and compassion.

The yin signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

The yang signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

If you want more electricity and buzz, flowing just like yin and yang- feel that “spark,” go for a yin-yang pairing.

If you want something more stable, blissful, comforting, and infused with deeper intimacy and warmth, choose a yin-yin or yang-yang soulmate bond. 

Generally speaking there is more resonance and feelings of security to be found in a compatible pairing, yet more excitement, opportunities for self-growth, and pleasant surprises to be found in a typically non-compatible pairing.

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“3 True Love Soulmates,” Is it true?! 

Couple sharing their love together

How many soulmates can we have? There is a belief that we have 3 true loves in life or true love soulmate bonds. I personally disagree, as I have had a different experience!

I would suggest you have a few significant romantic soulmate bonds from youth (teens to age 25-ish), which show snippets of what true love is.

You experience aspects and glimpses of your future life partner, but you ultimately still have a lot of learning and integration to go through.

You may also have multiple or one significant “illusionary true love” bond from your mid-twenties.

In some cases, this is your true love and you end up marrying them and finding eternal love. 

In other cases, it is a comfortable bubble in which you feel true love, however, it turns out not to be.

You only discover this love was a counterfeit love until later in life, when you actually find your true love soulmate, and life partner. 

In truth, every woman´s experience is unique. There is no definite guide to true love or soulmate experiences and connections.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the insight and wisdom you need to heal, grow, evolve, prosper, and find your true love within… 

You are your own soulmate, after all.

Thank you, I hope this answered your question on “how many soulmates can you have”. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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