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How Does It Truly FEEL When You Meet Your Soulmate?

How Does It Truly FEEL When You Meet Your Soulmate?

Meeting your soulmate is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. Things seem to fall into place, and you know this person is right for you. 

Perhaps you have met someone that you are falling for. You are getting to know them on a really deep level, and you are probably wondering, are they my soulmate? 

In this article, I want to discuss what it feels like to meet your soulmate. We will look at the feelings and emotions most people go through when they meet their true soulmate. 

What is a Soulmate?

Let’s take a moment to define what a soulmate actually is.

A soulmate is somebody who is there to support you on your true path in life and vice versa.

You are there for each other, and the relationship usually runs pretty smoothly!

A soulmate relationship is one of respect and equality. You understand each other and accept each other for who you truly are.

You never feel as if you need to hide parts of yourself when you have met your soulmate!

Soulmates are two souls that have an incredible connection. This differs from twin flames, as your twin flame is the other half of your soul.

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How Does It Feel When You Meet Your Soulmate:

How does it feel when you meet your soulmate

Now we know what a soulmate is; we can look at the feelings you will get when you meet your true soulmate.

There are loads of amazing things that happen when you meet your soulmate, and your strong feelings are one of them!

So, how do you feel when you meet your soulmate?

#1. You feel as if you have known them forever.

One of the most intriguing feelings when meeting your soulmate is the feeling that you have known them forever. 

When meeting your soulmate, there will be an instant connection.

Then, after a few weeks of getting to know your soulmate, you feel as if they have always been in your life. 

The idea of you before your soulmate seems distant and hard to comprehend. You feel as if this person knows you inside and out and has shared the same experiences as you. 

Perhaps you tell your partner about things that have happened to you before meeting them, and they just seem to understand you and your emotions.

It feels as if they were there alongside you all this time!

#2. You feel a sense of calm.

Before meeting your soulmate, you may have been anxious or stressed about your path in life. You may be successful in your career or have a huge friendship group.

However, you may still feel as if something is missing. You will feel as if something just isn’t right, and you still need something out of the universe. 

When meeting your soulmate, you will instantly feel a sense of calm. It will feel different from previous relationships, as there will not be a sense of ‘do they like me, or do they not.’

You know that your soulmate is there for you and totally behind the relationship! This causes you to feel calm about the relationship and your life in general. 

When meeting your soulmate, you feel as if everything is now right. You feel calm and content in all aspects of your life. 

#3. You feel more alive and aware of the world around you

Person enjoying the sunlight

An incredible soulmate feeling is the feeling of being more alive and aware of your surroundings.

You feel as if you are truly present in the world and seem to experience the world in a new way.

This is because you are not worrying about the past or future when you meet your soulmate.

You can live in the present and experience everything the world offers. 

It feels as if you are waking up after a long sleep.

You are seeing the world through fresh eyes, finding wonder everywhere you look. 

#4. You feel excited

When you were a kid, how did you feel on Christmas Eve? I remember being so excited that I couldn’t even sleep! 

Growing up, we rarely have this feeling of intense excitement like we did when we were kids. Of course, we get excited about things, but not on the same level. 

However, when you have met your soulmate, that amazing, exciting feeling comes back!

You may lie in bed at night, knowing that you will see your partner the next day. You are trying to get to sleep, but you are just so excited! 

Meeting your soulmate means that you will feel excited a lot. You will feel excited about spending time with them and what the future holds for you both. 

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#5. You feel complete

When you have met your soulmate, you will feel complete. You may still have goals that you wish to achieve, but there is a sense of completeness in your life. 

You know that you can achieve your goals with your soulmate by your side. They are the missing piece of your jigsaw puzzle.

That piece has made your life complete, and you feel like the world is your oyster!

This feeling of completeness means that you are ready to take on anything that is thrown your way.

You know that the future before you is full of excitement and success because you have your soulmate by your side!

#6. You feel powerful 

Woman wondering what does a soulmate feel like?

When your soulmate is in your life, you feel as if you can achieve anything and get through anything that the universe throws your way. 

Before meeting your soulmate, you may feel scared and anxious about your path in life. You may not have felt strong enough to go after your goals.

However, when you have met your soulmate, you begin to feel powerful and strong. You feel as if you can take on the world!

#7. You feel comfortable 

An amazing feeling you experience when meeting your soulmate is a feeling of comfort.

Even when you have just started dating and getting to know each other, you will have an incredible sense of comfort. 

This is because your soul and theirs are aligned, with a common sense of self and being. When you are around them, you feel truly comfortable and at peace. 

This means that you can show your true self to them without shame or fear of judgment. You can be totally yourself around your soulmate, creating a wonderful feeling of comfort. 

#8. You feel content 

When you have met your soulmate, you generally feel a wonderful sense of contentment all the time.

Things just feel right, and you are happy about where you are right now in your life. 

After the fireworks of the initial meeting and romance between you and your soulmate, things will fall into an easy and happy existence. 

You are content with your relationship and your life outside of it. You know that you can spend the rest of your life with this person and feel perfectly content and calm. 

#9. You feel less anxious

When you have met your soulmate, you will feel at ease most of the time, with worries feeling much less heavy. 

This is because when you have your soulmate around, you know that everything will be all right.

Yes, there are worries that you will face in your life. However, these worries do not feel as scary as they did before. 

With your soulmate beside you, you know that you can face anxieties that are affecting your life. 

#10. You will feel hopeful. 

Hopeful woman relaxing at the sea

When you are with your soulmate, you feel a sense of hope. This hope is not just about your relationship with this person but your life and the world around you. 

You know that you are with the right person, and the future is looking bright for you both. You are hopeful about where you are going on your journey with your soulmate. 

You will also feel hopeful about the world around you and your own personal journey.

A sense of clarity comes with meeting your soulmate, and you feel as if you understand everything a little better. 

You will feel hopeful about humanity and know that everyone around you has good intentions for you and your well-being. 

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Have You Met Your Soulmate?

So, now you know how it feels to meet your soulmate! Meeting your soulmate is an amazing experience and allows you to move forward on your journey in life. 

You tend to feel a whole load of emotions when you meet your soulmate, from feelings of excitement to feelings of hope. 

Do you relate to any of these feelings on the list? Perhaps you don’t feel all of them, but don’t worry! If you relate to many of the feelings, this is a huge sign that you have met your soulmate. 

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