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High Heart Chakra: 7 Things To Know About This Little Known Chakra

High Heart Chakra: 7 Things To Know About This Little Known Chakra

There are seven main chakras that we have that most people know about. But did you know that there are more chakras in our bodies that we should acknowledge and take care of?

One of these is the high heart chakra, and this chakra is strongly linked to compassion and acceptance. 

In this article, we will look at the important things that you need to know about the high heart chakra, including what it is and signs that it is overactive or underactive. 

But firstly, what are chakras? Chakras are wheels of energy in our body and they must all be in harmony with each other and our spirit in order for us to fully be happy and at peace. They all need attention and are a huge part of who we are. 

Chakras are also strongly linked to crystals as we can use crystals to harmonize and heal our chakras

The seven main chakras run from the top of our heads down our spine, but there are many more in our bodies that might need healing from time to time. 

So, let’s look at the high heart chakra, what exactly it is, and what it does for us!

What Is The High Heart Chakra?

Holding the high heart chakra

The high heart chakra connects language, truth, forgiveness, and the emotions of the heart. It allows us to speak about what we are really feeling and to not hide away from our emotions. 

In order to live peacefully, we need to make sure this chakra is balanced. It is a gateway to acceptance and healing in both our relationships with people around us and our relationship to spirituality. 

It assists us in getting through any denial or anxiety we might have for our current situation and helps us see things clearly. 

7 Things To Know About The High Heart Chakra

So now we know the basics of this little known chakra, let’s look at the seven things you need to know about it!

1. It is Located In The Thymus Gland 

The thymus gland is located behind your sternum and is only active when you are a teenager. Afterward, it shrinks and turns to fat.

However, it is the location of the high heart chakra which is important during all of your life. 

During your teenage years, the thymus gland helps develop your immune system and fight infection.

As you grow older, the high heart chakra will develop and be a crucial part of your wellbeing, its vibrations aiding in the healing and health of your wellbeing both mentally and physically. 

2. It is Also Known as the 4.5 Chakra 

The high heart chakra sits between the fourth chakra, which is the heart chakra, and the fifth chakra, which is the throat chakra.

It is often seen as a link between the two, as it bridges what is in the heart with our ability to communicate.

Your heart chakra is the center of your love and empathy. The throat chakra is all about honesty and communication.

The high heart chakra connects these two chakras, allowing you to speak what you truly feel and be honest to your heart and deep feelings. 

It also gives you the ability to develop your interpersonal skills in regards to empathy, helping you understand and communicate with others in a more helpful, constructive, and peaceful manner. 

3. Helps With Compassion

Another important reason why we must keep our high heart chakra balanced and in check is that it helps us be compassionate to those around us. 

Being connected to others is a big part of what makes us human. We are social animals and depend on one another for support, love, and fun.

This means that being understanding and compassionate to others is super important!

Our high heart chakra helps us to use our hearts to understand and communicate with others, allowing us to support those in need and be compassionate to other people’s issues or situations. We use it to communicate with the people in respectful ways. 

When the high heart chakra is open, we are able to give love to others in abundance, and receive love in a beautiful and positive way. 

We are able to be compassionate with others, but also ourselves.

The high heart chakra develops our sensitivity to our own situation and helps us learn about what we need to be at peace. 

4. It Assists Us In Finding Our Souls Purpose

High Heart chakra and it's souls purpose

The high heart chakra is also important when we are going through spiritual development. It allows us to open up to new ideas about the journey we are going through in our lives and our soul’s purpose. 

In opening up this chakra, you might unlock your one true purpose and come to a deeper understanding of who you are in the world and what you need to do.

Life can be confusing and stressful, especially if we feel stagnant or stuck, without any signs of what we truly want or need. A lot of people spend their lives floating through the world and not finding true happiness. 

In connecting with your chakras and developing your understanding of them, you are able to find out what you need in life to be happy and at peace.

The high heart chakra is an important part of this process. 

5. A Bridge to The Dream World 

The high heart chakra is seen as a bridge to the dreaming world and the things that exist there. In opening this chakra you are able to connect to this spiritual realm of dreams and subconsciousness. 

In connecting to your subconsciousness, you are developing your understanding of your soul and what it might be wanting to tell you. This allows you to understand what life means for you.

Your subconscious also lets you know what you might need healing and focus on. There might be sadness or trauma that you are ignoring, but working with your high heart chakra and your subconsciousness you are able to figure out what might be bringing you down. 

6. An Inability to Express Emotions is a Sign of An Underactive High Heart Chakra

In order to make sure your high heart chakra is open and balanced, you must know the signs of something being wrong. 

When the high heart chakra is underactive, you will find it hard to express emotions to yourself and the people around you. You might find yourself pushing people away, not being able to trust them or open up to them. 

If you have an underactive high heart chakra, you will hide your emotions even to yourself. You will ignore issues that you are needing to face, and pretend that everything is alright when it is not. 

There will be stubbornness to you, and an inability to accept the situation you are in or the intent of the people around you. You may feel suspicious of those in your life. 

7. Putting Yourself Last is a Sign of An Overactive High Heart Chakra

Of course, compassion for others is really important in life and we should care for those around us.

However, when you start caring more about others than yourself and begin to bend over backward for the people around you, this can be extremely detrimental to your happiness in the long run!

If you are putting your own wellbeing and goals and dreams last and doing so much for the people around you with little in return, this is a sign you have an overactive high heart chakra. 

You may think that making others happy is making you happy, but you need to focus on yourself from time to time!

You are opening yourself up to the risk of being taken advantage of, and this brings a lot of negativity into your life. 

Using Crystals For Healing & Balancing The High Heart Chakra

As we can see, having an overactive or underactive high heart chakra can cause serious harm to your wellbeing and happiness! 

Whether you are unable to express emotion or connect to the people around you, or you are putting people’s happiness and goals before your own, you need to address these issues and balance your high heart chakra!

Thankfully, there is a range of crystals that you can use to open up and balance this chakra, allowing it to harmonize with the other chakras in your body. 

The color of the high heart chakra is aquamarine and therefore crystals of this color are great for healing and balancing this chakra. 



The aquamarine crystal is a perfect one to use when you are wishing to heal your high heart chakra. This crystal aids in communication and courage, which are useful when dealing with an underactive or blocked high heart chakra. 

The aquamarine crystal also assists us in embracing positive change, allowing us to heal emotional wounds. It lets us develop our spiritual side, helping us on our life’s journey. 

This stone allows the energy from your high heart chakra to flow up towards your throat chakra, deepening the connection between the two.  

Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline

The blue tourmaline is another great crystal to use to heal and open your high heart chakra.

This is a stone of tranquility and peace, evoking the deep blue waters of the ocean. When meditating with this crystal we are able to connect to the oceans and use their energy to calm and center us. 

This is a great stone for healing the high heart chakra as it is known to assist us in honest and open communication, allowing us to speak from the heart.

If the chakra is blocked or underactive, we can use this crystal to let the energy flow through our chakra and open it up. 

It has the ability to harmonize us within ourselves and the people around us. 

Green Calcite

Green Calcite

This crystal helps us deal with emotional problems we might be facing. It has strong vibrations that allow us to see things from a new perspective, whether it be about our relationships with others or our soul’s journey. 

Green calcite is also known to stimulate compassion, so perfect if you are finding this hard because of an underactive high heart chakra. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This crystal is to be used if you are suffering from an overactive high heart chakra.

When you are having this problem, you tend to put other people before yourself and this can really affect your self-love and self-care

The rose quartz crystal is perfect to ignite the love you have for yourself, and using this crystal to heal your high heart chakra helps you understand the importance of putting yourself first and taking time to concentrate on your own wellbeing. 

How To Use The Crystals For Your High Heart Chakra

In order to heal your high heart chakra with these crystals, you must incorporate them into your daily routine. 

You can do this in a range of ways, and one great way is to meditate with the crystals.

Lie down and place them on your chest where your high heart chakra is. Then, relax your body and meditate, clearing your mind and opening up your chakras to the energy that the crystal is emitting. Feel it run through your body, healing your high heart chakra. 

However, you don’t have to meditate with the crystals to get the healing you need. You could put them on a necklace as this keeps them close to your high heart chakra at all times, allowing your chakra to slowly heal and open.

However you chose to use the crystals is up to you, and different ways work for different people! 

Remember To Check In On Your High Heart Chakra

It is so important to take care of the lesser-known chakras and listen to their needs, making sure they are in balance with the rest of your chakras. 

The high heart chakra gives us so much in regards to our interpersonal and spiritual relationships, so we need to make sure it is balanced and in harmony with us!

If you think there is a problem with your high heart chakra, don’t worry! Crystals are here to help!

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