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Green Opal Meanings, Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Uses

Green Opal Meanings, Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Uses

In today’s article, we are going to present the Green Opal meanings, metaphysical properties, and everyday uses. 

Opal is a mineraloid, its chemical name is hydrous silicon dioxide (SiO2-Nh2O), it’s between 5.5 – 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.

It varies from transparent, over translucent to opaque states. 

It’s mostly found in Madagascar, a very magical and energetically potent place on Earth. Madagascar is well known for its unique ecosystem and majestic landscapes. 

It’s not a coincidence that such a powerful and magical gemstone comes from such a unique and special place. 

What Is Green Opal Good for?

showing what green opal is good for

Green Opal is great for the Heart chakra, healing of emotions, and mending relationships.

It’s the stone of loyalty, friendship, and good vibes.

Green Opal is a herald of positive change and it attracts an abundance of both emotions and money. 

Green Opal is good for healing of the heart’s chakra.

It’s also good for protection against ill-wishers and those who cast an evil eye on you. 

Green Opal protects from astral larvae and unwanted energies that may be stuck around you or on your aura like succubae.

It’s very good to have this gemstone on your person if you feel fatigued and drained all the time.  

Green Opal is excellent for all kinds of shamanistic work, meditation, and astral travel, too.

This is a stone that prompts and supports 2nd sight and psychic visions.

This stone helps the gifted people initiate into sacred practices and spiritual secrets with protection and ease. 

Green Opal Meaning

Green Opal is also known as the “stone of life” as it infuses its wearer with enthusiasm and stamina. 

The best way to discover a personalized meaning of this stone is to place it in your hands and go deep into meditation.

Green Opal will then show you the symbols and messages it has for you. 

Opal is also called a “living stone” as its many vivid colors come to life under different angles of light. Green Opal is no exception, which is why it’s best to discover its personalized meaning by yourself. 

Other meanings of Green Opal are life-bringer, sorrow-banisher, abundance-magnet, vampire-repellant, and ultimate healer.  

Green Opal is also considered a psychopomp stone as it helps souls in passing safely from this life to the Other Side, and it eases the grief of mourning. 

This stone soothes both the soul of the deceased and the living and it soothes the transformation of the soul connection when one leaves the life of the flesh. 

The word ‘opal' comes from the Latin “opalus”, meaning ‘precious jewel', and from the Greek word “opallios”, meaning ‘a change in color'.

Green Opal is also known as Moss Opal; it’s said that Moss Opal increases achievements and personal goals, as well as the acquisition of prosperity and property. 

Since Green Opal is connected with Earth, if one desires to buy land or property, it’s good to have Moss Opal with you, as it can increase intuition, thus helping in acquiring the right property (for the right price). 

Green Opal promotes and improves the communication with nature’s spirits and it helps with making the right home on a right spot in accordance with nature’s laws and the weather. 

Green Opal also helps with communication with the ancestors and spirits of the recently deceased.

It’s good to have it on you while conducting spiritual séances or asking for advice from your ancestors. 

Metaphysical Properties And Benefits of Green Opal

a benefit of green opal

Here is a list of the metaphysical properties of Green Opal:

  • It rejuvenates both the body and the soul. 
  • It has proven very successful in battling depression and negative thoughts. 
  • Green Opal is an excellent stone for people who have 8th house and 12th house placements in their natal chart. 
  • Green Opal helps souls release karmic ties, emotional trauma and pass them onto the next stage of existence with ease. 
  • It releases grief and speeds up the mourning process. 
  • It promotes acceptance and making peace with the unchangeable circumstances (dealing with death for example). 
  • Green Opal carries the energy of both Wood and Water elements, this makes it a perfect stone for balancing the chakras and grounding. 
  • It serves as a meditation amplifier. It downloads divine messages and guidance with ease. 
  • Green Opal helps rejuvenation through sleep, and it fortifies protection during astral travel. 
  • It’s a sacred stone for shamans and spiritual workers. 
  • Green Opal attracts great opportunities that are aligned with your soul’s contract and your life’s Grand Design. 
  • It brings peace to the turbulent mind and it calm thoughts until they are reset to their objective settings. 
  • This is an excellent stone for people who have too much Fire and Water in their chart. For people who struggle with their impulses, thought-control and emotional objectivity. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Green Opal

a metaphysical healing property of Green Opal

Green Opal is a Shaman stone used in shamanistic rituals first and foremost.

Its Wood and Water elemental nature is very beneficial and versatile, which makes it a very valuable stone for all spiritual practitioners. 

Green Opal is called “the stone of life” for a reason.

Despite it being a psychopomp stone, it strengthens the connections of the living with Mother Earth and helps with grounding. 

Green Opal helps attune the physical body to the Earth’s frequency, thus making one’s life more abundant, happier and focused in the Now, in the present moment. 

Green Opal doesn’t just help souls pass from one form of existence to another, it also helps heal the emotional wounds and trauma that is (usually) left behind after a death of a loved one. 

Since its connection with Earth and soil is so potent and strong, it also helps humans connect with the animal kingdom, and understand the animal language better. 

Green Opal promotes a unified way of living, it promotes the cosmic truth that we are all connected, we are all One.

This is why it’s so valued in shamanic circles and among enlightened people. 

Green Opal helps heal past lives and karmic dues we’ve brought into this life. It makes it easier for us to rectify our past wrongs and heal what was wounded. 

This powerful stone helps people let go of toxic waste in their bodies and in their emotional lives. It helps release toxic relationships and invite healthy ones. 

How to Use Green Opal in Your Life

The most common way of using Green Opal is to wear it as jewelry. Wearing it on a forefinger brings foresight and enhanced intuition. 

Wearing it on your 3rd Eye promotes 2nd sight.

Wearing it on your ears as earrings helps develop clairaudience

Wearing it around your neck on a necklace helps you channel the messages from the Beyond and speak truth at exactly the right time. 

Wearing it over your heart improves your heart’s health and your emotional state. It invites abundance of love, generosity, and good fortune as well.   

Having a big piece on your nightstand helps with astral travel and psychic dreams. 

Meditating with it helps with receiving spiritual guidance and divine love.

It nourishes the soul while the body is in a meditative state.

Like hibernation – your body is being rejuvenated while your spirit roams. 

Having it on your altar attracts abundance and monetary gain, as well as promotes better and clearer communication with the spirit world and ancestors.

Placing it near your bath enhances Water qualities and the water can nourish and hydrate your skin better.

It also removes all impurities from the water, making it safer and better for your (external) use.  

Keeping it near your water bottle can energize your water and help your body extract hydrating nutrients from it with better ease. 

How to Cleanse Green Opal

cleansing of Green Opal

Since it’s composed of amorphous silica, Opals shouldn’t be cleansed with salt, or any other “violent” means. 

The best way to cleanse your Opal, especially Green Opal is to leave it in the plant’s pot. In contact with soil (Mother Earth) Opal regenerates and rids itself from any negativity. 

You can also hold it under cool, running water for 3-4 minutes. Or hold it over the smoke from a smudge stick or frankincense. 

Depending on whether you have a rough or tumbled/polished stone it determines where you should keep it.

If you have a rough/raw piece, then you can keep it in your pocket or in your purse without fear of it being scratched. 

If you have a polished/tumbled piece, then you should be careful to keep it in a velvet pouch if you’re carrying it with you. 

If you have a Green Opal in jewelry, then you should cleanse it by keeping it under running water or over a smudge stick. 

You can also keep it in direct sunlight for 10-15 minutes after extended wear if it’s contained in jewelry as Sun eradicates many bacteria as well as negativity and astral larvae. 

Final Word On Green Opal 

Green (or Moss) Opal is a very grounding stone, it amplifies the way of your own self.

This is a gemstone with strong karmic properties and it can amplify both your virtues and faults. 

In the case of amplifying your faults, it has the ability to lead you to heal your weak points and release the subconscious belief constructs that do not serve you for your highest purpose. 

Green Opal also creates a stronger connection between your lower and Higher self, and it helps you receive messages from your own Soul in a clearer and more defined way. 

Frequent wearers of Green Opal have reported that they were presented with abundant opportunities for growth and expansion.

They also felt freer to do as they feel right and receive greater rewards in return. 

Green Opal is a very unique and strong crystal, it really does wonders for its wearer and it helps with past-life regressions, as well as with karmic healing. 

If you feel drawn to this crystal, there’s probably a very good reason you’re feeling the way you do, and you should consider buying it in order for it to help you resolve whatever you have going on behind the curtain. 

Green Opal is an excellent choice for all Fire and Water signs as it compensates for the Earth element in the natal chart. 

People who work in the psychology and healing field, and especially people who are Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Cancer report extremely beneficial effects of Green Opal usage. 

Green Opal helps healers to recharge their stamina and energy levels, and it helps sensitives to interact with others without feeling utterly drained and sleepy. 

There you go, that's it for meanings, metaphysical properties & everyday uses of Green Opal. If you like learning about crystals and their uses, check out our other crystal articles here.


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