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Green Jade Meaning: 7 Healing Properties & Benefits

Green Jade Meaning: 7 Healing Properties & Benefits

Today we will be exploring some of the metaphysical properties of Green Jade, the healing properties, as well as some of the outstanding benefits this one-of-a-kind gemstone has to offer. 

The world often associates Green Jade with Chinese medicine and healing.

However, its roots span beyond one continent.

The history of Green Jade is scattered across the globe, in many tribes, towns, and tributaries that connect the world.

Its impact on humanity can be found in many places around the world.

Among other places,  Green Jade comes from China, Russia, and the United States.

Green Jade Stone Spiritual Meaning

Among the most popular stones is the Green Jadestone, which is green in color.

Collectors are attracted to the green tint as it resembles the natural color of nature.

As well as its beauty, this stone is known for the tremendous energy it can provide; it is most commonly used to treat anxiety, tension, and other illnesses.

If you suffer from panic or anxiety episodes, you can use it since it keeps you calm and stable.

The people of Southeast Asia have long considered Green Jade to be a lucky stone.

The spiritual meaning of Green Jade is longevity and wisdom.

As a result, it facilitates access to the spiritual realms, protects from negative energies and entities, and enhances our creativity and imagination.

Green Jade Healing Properties & Benefits

Green Jade healing properties

Green Jade has long been considered a protective talisman, worn as jewelry, and celebrated for its luck-filled properties.

In the belief system, the universe just flows all the good things towards Green Jade, and she will consistently distribute that good fortune to others.

Green Jade is a good luck amulet and can also be used for many different types of healing, from emotional to spiritual, and of course, even metaphysical.

Check out these seven excellent Green Jade healing properties and benefits.

1. Green Jade And Its Benefits For Fortune 

When placed in the southeast corner, it is traditionally thought to bring good fortune and wealth to the home or workplace.

In particular, the lucky three-legged frog and the Green Jade Fish are associated with financial abundance in the Chinese culture.

You can bring financial abundance into your life by placing a coin in either of these creatures' mouths.

Business ventures require the protection of Green Jade, and it is an excellent talisman for anyone conducting financial transactions.

Having a positive attitude toward money and visualizing yourself working, earning, and using money purposefully and creatively will help you be more successful.

Green Jade's prosperous energies will assist you when it comes to matters concerning your finances and well-being.

Furthermore, it can enhance your mental faculties so that you can exercise sound judgment and achieve clarity of thought.

Many spiritually-minded individuals seek the benefits of Green Jade to help them succeed in business and in important projects for their companies where promotion, recognition, and a healthy bonus are on the line. 

2. Helps You Connect To Higher Energies 

Among Green Jade's metaphysical properties is its ability to connect you to higher vibrational energies, increasing your insight and allowing you to act intuitively.

It also protects against negative energy. Having the ability to connect will open you up to higher powers.

By doing this, you will be able to feel the energies and allow them to guide you through difficult decisions and different times and provide you with comfort that everything will be fine. 

By wearing a this stone, you can balance all of your emotions, making you more spiritual.

As a result, you will have a deeper connection with your spirit guides and improve your psychic abilities.

Lucid dreams are often attributed to this stone because it promotes lucidity. By allowing you to dream, you will be able to enhance your spirituality.

As a symbol, it was mostly associated with life and death.

Because of this, it had tremendous spiritual and religious significance.

3. Aids Emotional Healing 

As a strong stone, it can be used in various ways.

It gives you a sensation that makes you want to return to your old habits when you're feeling lost.

Your life's negativity can be overcome with its strength and knowledge. 

This stone can give you a force that stands out, especially if you are struggling with self-confidence and need a boost.

This is an outstanding benefit of Green Jade that can be useful for us all. 

This vibration is relaxing and provides a beautiful healing effect for people with emotional problems.

This energy emits an aura that drives away negativity from the surrounding environment, which is beneficial as it benefits not just you but everyone around you.

It can also help when it comes to love problems.

4. Benefits Your Relationships

Green Jade meaning for relationships

In addition to its many benefits in many aspects of our lives, Green Jade also boasts some positive characteristics regarding people and relationships.

One of the significant sources of stress in our lives today is our relationships with our significant others and ourselves. 

Green Jade is a stone that can help us become aware of problems we are facing in our relationships, allow us to become calm under stressful situations, and assist us with dealing with issues with ourselves and others close to us.

It provides us with the energy we need to resolve such issues.

This stone can help you speak up about your problems with your spouse if you are having trouble doing so.

Adult love is promoted by disseminating energy to individuals who respond maturely to circumstances. 

Additionally, it relieves your mind of any anxieties.

It may be possible for this stone to assist you in reestablishing motivation, trust, and chemistry in your relationship if you're unsure about it.

The stone can help realign the way we feel about each other.

5. Brings Calmness During A Storm

Green Jade is renowned for its metaphysical healing properties.

It can help you find inner peace because of its gentle and calm nature.

It might be exactly what you need if you live a stressful, chaotic life. 

You can wear or keep this stone near you in times of irritability to help ease your mind and allow you to enter a more tranquil state of mind. 

6. Relives The Feeling Of Guilt

We can all use the healing properties of Green Jade when it comes to the harsh feeling of guilt. 

An individual who has a guilty conscience will feel heavy.

All of us have experienced moments in our lives that we regret and aren't entirely proud of. 

These feelings can be stabilized and relinquished through the healing properties of Green Jade.

Our personal and professional lives are closely related to the Heart Chakra and can help us improve ourselves by restoring integrity and honesty. 

7. Drives Your Ambition

Are you lacking motivation?

It is the stone to use when you need a boost in the right direction because of its exceptional metaphysical properties to boost ambition. 

Supportive stones like Green Jade are surefire ways to help you see things through.

This crystal can be your cheerleader when you are struggling with a diet or experiencing a creative blockage. 

Turning dreams into reality is made more accessible by its dreamy essence.

Using Green Jade stimulates ideas and makes tasks appear less complicated and easier to accomplish. 

Taking the initiative and enabling perseverance helps build confidence and allows you to overcome obstacles that life throws at you. 

Green Jade And The Heart Chakra

Green Jade and the heart chakra

Green Jade is closely aligned with the Heart Chakra on a vibrational level.

If the Heart center has become frozen or blocked, it can be gently opened.

There is a possibility that this trauma has recently occurred or that it has occurred in the past.

This process must be taken slowly in order to ensure that the Heart Chakra is fully healed.

Jade has a unique vibration that can release blockages and begin the process of cleansing and clearing that is required to maintain a healthy flow of energy through the Heart center.

When our Heart Chakra is out of balance, we tend to feel restricted in our interactions with others and our environment.

Sometimes we find ourselves being too critical of others.

We either want to control them or feel like we are being influenced.

These feelings can cause us to react in an inappropriate way to simple everyday situations, leaving us feeling out of sync with others and with our own needs and desires.

Our Heart Chakra can help us live happier and more grateful lives when it is healthy and balanced.

Green Jade Superstition

Green Jade is a gemstone associated with centuries of superstition in China.

In the past, it was said to encourage and understand dreams.

Furthermore, it is said to grant unique access to the spiritual world, opening “a portal between earth and heaven.”

Wearing Jade bangles is typical for protection and can also shield negative energy.

It is said that Green Jade cracks as it absorbs any harm directed toward its wearer.

Consequently, a crack in the bangle renders it helpless and useless as protection.

How To Use Green Jade

Using Green Jade

There are several different ways to benefit from the healing properties of Green Jade.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways this crystal can help your life. 


Practicing meditation with any shade of Jade is beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit.

Here's how to do it if you're new to the practice:

  • Make sure there are no distractions as you sit or lie down. Creating a peaceful atmosphere can be achieved by lighting a white candle or burning some incense.
  • While you are breathing normally, do not strain or exert yourself. Follow the breath as it enters your nostrils and proceeds down into your windpipe and lungs. As you exhale, continue to follow your breath until everything seems calm and settled.
  • Place a Jade at your feet and hold one in each hand as a reminder of your connection to the earth.
  • Leave all thoughts alone but allow them to enter your mind. Just imagine your thoughts slipping into the the stone and becoming harmless energy as they pass through your body.

In Your Office 

Positive vibrations emanate from the Green Jade stone that stimulates prosperity, knowledge, and peace.

A positive environment is encouraged with the use of this stone.

Since we have all encountered financial difficulties at one time or another, it is a wise option to own a crystal that resonates with the power of wealth. 

No matter if you work in an office or around a company at home, this stone is an excellent choice for all sorts of workplaces.

If you are planning to start a new business or work in an entirely new field, carry a piece of this stone since it will remind you to make intelligent decisions.

It will also help you become more consistent in your work.

In Your Home

Many civilizations have used Green Jade as decor in their homes as it is associated with good fortune and wealth.

When placed around your home, they can quickly create a clean and positive environment.

It is said to bring peace and harmony to the atmosphere since it is associated with purity.

How To Cleanse Green Jade

Cleansing Green Jade

For crystals to remain in good condition, they need to be cleansed reasonably regularly.

Crystals absorb all the negative vibrations you ask them to clear, depending on how often you use them.

Just like you, they work hard!

Even though it is not always necessary to cleanse your crystals every day, you probably shower every day after work.

To clean Green Jade, you only need to place it under cold running water for a minute or two.

This complex, metamorphic stone can take quite a lot of wear.

Cleansing is about your intention, and it is helpful if you visualize the process in order to give it more power.

As you turn your crystal under the water, imagine all of the negative energies leaving it.

You want to take meaningful breaths.

Imagine the water that is falling onto the stone has a white aura of cleansing and healing properties. 

As the water runs onto the stones, the negative energies simply attach to the water and go down the drain.

This leaves your stones cleansed and recharged for you to use once again. 

If you want to know more about cleansing, check out this crystal cleansing guide.


Piece Green Jade

Does Green Jade Bring Good Luck?

The Green Jade stone vibrations are excellent at uplifting and delivering individuals with all the blessings of life.

It has long been associated with good fortune and pleasure.

A gift of good luck, Green Jade is a stone of abundance.

Green Jade has been known to aid in emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. 

How Can You Tell If Green Jade Is Real?

If you want to check if your Green Jade is authentic, there are several easy ways to do so, but they are not guaranteed to work.

You will, however, be able to figure out whether the stone is authentic.

1. The Flaw Test

Even though gemstone flaws are typically considered a disadvantage, they can sometimes be a boon.

The presence of Green Jade’s defects suggests authenticity.

Under a bright light, scrutinize the gemstone.

Natural Green Jade often contains impurities that look like thin veins.

The stone is not genuine if there are bubbles in it.

2. A Scratch Test 

Scratch the Green Jade's surface with a metal object, such as a needle, a knife, or scissors.

You want to determine whether the metal leaves a mark on the Green Jade. 

However, a fake Green Jade has a clear scratch in the gemstone that is caused by the metal.

Steel will never scratch genuine Green Jade.

Jade vs. Green Aventurine

These two green-colored gemstones, Aventurine and  Green Jade may confuse some people.

This is because both stones can look very similar in color and shape. 

Aventurine is a variety of Quartz containing Mica, Hematite, or Goethite. 

There are two different minerals known as Green Jade, Nephrite, and Jadeite.

These are the critical differences between Aventurine and Green Jade.

The mineral Aventurine is sometimes referred to as Indian Jade or Australian Jade, however, it is not considered a form of Green Jade. 

Final Thoughts About Green Jade

As we now know, Green Jade has some of the most beneficial and unbelievable metaphysical properties and benefits that we could all use in our lives once in a while.

The healing properties of Green Jade are out of this world! 

Green Jade is probably famous because of its versatility.

Carrying a piece of Green Jade with you each day can bring reassurance and comfort to anyone experiencing difficulty.

Jade can attract wealth and abundance into your life when combined with coins in your pocket or a container.

When you wear Green Jade jewelry, especially a pendant that rests near your Heart Chakra, you can maintain the balance of your love energies so that you don't overreact emotionally or misbehave.

The ultimate dream stone, it can be placed under your pillow to help you interpret your dreams and glean useful information from them.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the different green jade meanings. If you would like to learn more about other crystals check out our archive here.

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