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The Amazing Meaning Of The 5 Green Aura Types

The Amazing Meaning Of The 5 Green Aura Types

Aura colors are one topic that is becoming more and more popular amongst the spiritual community, as people are discovering how much they can find out about themselves if they know what color their aura is. 

In this article, I am going to talk more in-depth about the green aura meaning, and also about the meaning of the 5 types of green auras. 

Green Aura Meaning in Relationship to Personality

The Aura, also known as the bioenergy field that surrounds the human body, is directly linked to the 7 main chakras. 

The state of the chakras influences the state of the aura and vice versa. 

As you may already know, green is the color of the heart chakra, also known as the Anahata chakra. 

Thus, if someone has a green aura, it means that their heart chakra is well balanced and open at the moment and that they have the ability to give and receive love freely. 

A green aura shows that the person is emotionally balanced, loving, free to enjoy life, has a harmonious personality, and also is strongly connected to nature.

The connection to nature is an important aspect of what helps the person maintain an open heart and a balanced personality, as nature has the ability to cleanse us energetically. 

By cleansing negative feelings and energies of a person, nature contributes to a healthy and balanced personality, as well as to a healthy and balanced energetic body. 

Thus, time spent in nature is highly beneficial and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to purify spiritually and energetically or to open and balance their heart chakra. 

Having a green aura is a positive thing because it shows that an overall sense of balance and harmony has been achieved, especially emotionally and spiritually. 

Also, a green aura can indicate an abundant person who draws any sort of resources without difficulty and lives in prosperity.

However, there are more types of green auras, depending on the nuance of the aura, and each nuance has a different meaning. 

If you want to know what the color of your aura means, have a look at the list down below where I’m explaining the multiple green aura meanings. 

Green Aura Meanings

Green aura meanings

#1. Dark Green Aura 

The dark green aura usually represents an old soul, who has recently come from darkness to light. 

Their heart chakra may have been closed or not so balanced until recently and they may have struggled to forgive, forget and balance themselves emotionally. 

This is quite common for old souls, as old souls have had multiple incarnations, and some of them may have filled their souls with upset and disappointment. 

Old souls also had more time to may karma for themselves, and then to learn the lessons and pay that karma.

Also, another dark green aura meaning is that the person is very spiritually powerful, and has an intelligence and a power of understanding that are above the average. 

People with a dark green aura tend to have this mysterious air around them that makes them magnetic for other people, and they are perceived as someone who is mystical and different, but in a good way.

Because of this, some people will be drawn to them, some people will be intrigued or a bit afraid of them.

To conclude, the meaning of a dark green aura is that the person has an open and balanced heart chakra and is currently focused on discovering and integrating their emotions – especially love.

This person is usually an old soul with a powerful inclination towards spirituality and strong spiritual insight, who has just managed to overcome a dark period in their life – or they are still overcoming it.

#2. Light Green Aura

The meaning of a light green aura is purity, empathy, forgiveness, healing, and enlightenment.

People with a light green aura have a very open and well-balanced heart chakra, and their capacity to give and receive love is very big.

In contrast to people with dark green auras, light green aura people have healed emotionally more, and they are even more in tune with their hearts. 

They are focused on forgiveness and on developing their compassion and empathy towards all living beings. 

They are still healing themselves, but their healing process has reached a certain threshold after which the heart chakra is completely open. 

They could be younger souls than dark green aura people, or simply people who have done more healing, and their heart chakra is generally filled with positive emotions. 

These people have a vibrant, loving, and soothing energy around them that makes other people want to be close to them and to be a part of their lives. 

They are usually surrounded by people who are trying to attune to their positive energy and seek emotional healing from them. 

For this reason, light green aura people can oftentimes be found in jobs such as healers, psychics, therapists, doctors, social workers, and so on.

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#3. Lime Green Aura

Lime green aura

The meaning of the lime green aura is positivity, abundance, creativity, playfulness, enthusiasm, and vitality. 

People who have a lime green aura are people whose heart chakra is very open and well-balanced and who are well focused on their own happiness. 

They see life in a playful way and go about it with enthusiasm and determination. 

As lime is a mix of green and yellow and yellow is the color of the sun, people with a lime green aura also have a lot of vital energy which makes them naturally abundant. 

This vital energy makes them successful in their jobs and gives them a strong drive to live and thrive. 

They may be people with a lot of passions and interests which they are cultivating and developing.

People with a light green aura have done a lot of emotional healing in this lifetime or a previous one, and they have a good ability to receive and give love, but also they are generally happy and highly creative.

#4. Mint Green Aura

The meaning of the mint green aura is peace, harmony, and balance.

Someone with a mint green aura is a very well-grounded person whose emotional climate is generally peaceful and calm. 

They have the ability to give and receive love but they are more focused on peace and solitude in this period of their life as they balance and ground themselves. 

They also have a strong connection to nature and a good sense of adventure as they have achieved the balance between being peaceful and quiet and being adventurous.

Another meaning of the mint green aura could be a sharp emotional intelligence. 

A person with a mint green aura is very good at understanding their own emotions and picking up on other people’s emotions as well. 

This comes as a result of being very well-grounded, calm, and collected.

This type of person usually has done a lot of inner healing in order to achieve this state of balance.

Another attribute of a person with a mint green aura is that they are well organized and very reliable, with very good decision-making skills and the ability to maintain the balance between feelings and reasoning. 

They know how to listen to their heart while taking their brain with them, and this allows them to make the right decision in most situations they encounter in life.

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#5. Emerald Green Aura 

Emerald green aura 

The meaning of the emerald green aura is intense love, spirituality, mysticism, healing abilities, high intelligence, and power. 

People with an emerald green aura are spiritually powerful people who radiate an aura of positive mysticism which makes them truly magnetic for other people. 

They also have strong healing abilities, which they can use to help themselves as well as to help others. 

Their heart chakra is well-balanced and wide open, and they have high emotional intelligence as well as a high IQ quotient.

This makes them excellent healers and very suitable for professions involving healing, as they can easily read other people’s emotions and energy and know what they need in order to heal. 

An emerald green aura usually comes with some degree of psychic ability, which the person can use for healing, and which also shows that they have achieved a high spiritual level. 

They may also have a latent dark side, but they are very good at keeping it under control and making the right choices on day to day basis.

They have a strong connection to nature and they even draw certain gifts and powers from nature, such as creativity and the ability to be abundant. 

In conclusion, people with an emerald green aura are people with strong spiritual abilities, a very developed ability to love, and are quite high from a vibrational point of view. 

I would even dare to say that having an emerald green aura is quite a special thing and that people with this aura color are quite rare.

They may be perceived by others as magical, mystical, or highly interesting and as people who have high standards of integrity and act correctly in all aspects of their lives. 

People with emerald green auras are often an inspiration to others, either through their work or simply by their mere presence in a certain place. 

They have warm, magnetic energy that draws people to them and makes them fascinating. 

Oftentimes they are very good healers, mystics, shamans, writers, artists, or actors. 

Whatever they do, they convey healing energy into their work and bring healing to everyone around them.

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Spiritual Meaning of the Green Aura and the Chakras

Green aura and the chakras

As I mentioned before, green is the color of the heart chakra. People with green auras have a well-balanced and open heart chakra. 

This means that they are able to live from the heart, to give and receive love openly, and to feel positive emotions. 

Green is also the color of prosperity, therefore, if someone has a green aura, that person tends to draw abundance and prosperity towards themselves. 

If they are able to draw abundance and prosperity towards themselves, there are other chakras that are well-functioning, and which are involved in drawing and maintaining abundance. 

Other chakras that can contribute to the fact that one’s aura is green are the root chakra and the sacral chakra. 

These chakras are also balanced by spending time in nature, so when they are open and well-functioning, they can determine the aura to become green. 

Yet, if a person’s aura is green the main energy in their field is the energy of the heart chakra.

To conclude, green is quite a positive aura color to have, and it signifies that the person lives from the heart, is well-grounded and connected to nature, offers love freely, and is naturally abundant.

If you enjoyed this article about the meaning of the green aura, leave us a comment in the comments section below, and share with us what other qualities of people’s green aura you noticed, or just let us know what was your experience of finding out your aura color!


Wednesday 21st of December 2022

This is how I found out about my Aura. I was asleep and dreaming that I was been taken up into the air, far above the earth, not in a plane, I was been held onto by somebody else, a male figure but I cannot recall what he looked like. He wasnt anything bad, I felt exhilerated and he was telling me that I was safe and he would not let me fall. And then I woke up and all around me was this deep brilliant green colour, like a see through cloud. It moved when i moved, it was there in front of my eyes when I looked at anything and everything. It felt like it was part of me. I have heard of Auras before but never been able to see or sense anyone's, including my own, so didnt know if they were a true thing or not. After a minute, it started to fade away and disappear and thats when I knew it was my own aura that I was seeing, so I came on the internet to find out what green meant. Im very happy to know that it means I am balanced, healthy and creative, as I am an artist and love to paint pictures and I also make windchimes out of colourful pebbles and bits of seaglass that I find on the beach. Green was a surprise to me because if I wear green clothes, others ask if I am alright, so I thought green must make me look sick or something so I dont wear it often. But now,I think that since my aura is green, then wearing green as well may be just too much green. I love all colours, except black, because black is an absence of colour and I just dont like it at all.

Alan Young

Wednesday 21st of December 2022

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! It's really interesting to hear about your dream and how it led you to discover your aura. It's also great to know that your aura is green, which represents balance, health, and creativity. As an artist, it makes perfect sense that these qualities would be present in your aura. Don't worry about wearing green - it's all about what makes you feel good and comfortable. And remember, everyone's perception of color is subjective, so if others ask if you're okay when you wear green, it's likely just because it's not a color they personally associate with you. Keep being creative and embracing all the colors that bring you joy!