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Wall Gecko Spiritual Meaning: A Message To Face Your Fears

Wall Gecko Spiritual Meaning: A Message To Face Your Fears

The wall Gecko spiritual meaning, and just the symbolism of animals in general, is something which has been known and connected to for thousands of years.

In a modern world, it is easy to misperceive the animal queen and kingdoms as separate to us.

We are so used to eating animals, using them for our will, and taking from them for resources or new spaces to live that we have forgotten the true essence which connects us.

This essence is the spiritual and energetic qualities within.

We are all connected; earth herself and all her living organisms contained are part of one great interconnected whole.

In ancient times, shamans and other types of mediums, healers, and medicine men and women recognized the connection we have to animals.

They also were aware we could look to them for healing, insight, and self-discovery.

Each animal is said to have a specific energy.

Each animal species has their own symbolism, spiritual and grounded qualities we can learn from and work towards embodying, either physically or energetically, for our own evolution and growth.

In this article, we will be looking solely at the spiritual meaning of the Gecko.

Gecko Symbolism

Gecko Symbolism

Firstly, it is important to note that if a gecko has drawn your awareness your subconscious mind may also be directing you to the energetic symbolism of the lizard.

This is because the gecko is a lizard.

In terms of spirit animals and their symbolism, lizards are usually most recognized, also appearing as messengers for wisdom and insight.

This means that if the gecko has appeared in your life you are most likely being sent the symbolism of the lizard too.

Gecko's And Dreams.

The main theme with the gecko or lizard appearing in your life is to be aware of your dreams.

Your dreams and visions are paramount now, or should be. It is in dreams where we receive insight and messages from our subconscious.

Dreams can be used as tools from our soul, spirit, higher self, psyche, subconscious yearnings, or deepest intuition and ‘knowing.’

The purpose is always to align us in some way, point us in the right direction, offer direct wisdom through symbolism or dream messages, and bring to light some hidden aspects of our subconscious or part of self we are hiding, or repressing.

Gecko And Visions

Your visions are equally as important. Have you ever created a vision board?

If the gecko appears in your life it is being suggested that you should create a vision board, or if you already have one but have been neglecting it, to re-establish it as a centerpiece in your room, office, or personal creative or sacred space.

Vision boards are powerful outlets for manifestation, representing your goals, heartfelt desires, and intentions, dreams, aspirations, and life path or purpose in some way.

Why do the gecko and lizard symbolize dreams and visions, you may be wondering?

In short, they are able to move between different dimensions and worlds. Their agility, connection to the earth, ability to move fast and regenerate themselves equate with their unique energetic meaning.

If you watch a gecko in movement, it appears as if they jumping from dimension to dimension.

They flow like sound waves, in harmony with the more subtle levels of physical being.

This quality in itself has strong links to the subconscious realms.

There is also a strong element of spiritual protection.

Geckos are agile, adaptable and flexible- they can move out of harm’s way instantly and spontaneously.

Gecko Meaning of Facing Fear 

Gecko spiritual meaning of facing fear

If this spirit animal keeps popping up in your life, or if you feel a particularly strong resonation with the gecko, then you could be being shown a number of things.

Facing fear is one of these. Have you become stuck in repetitive or destructive cycles?

Are you letting fear take over your life and block your true self, or true path to greatness, self- evolution or success?

Are you allowing insecurities, fears and ‘lower- levels’ of thinking and consciousness to replace your dreams, visions and aspirations?

The gecko can help you overcome this if you are willing to put in the work.

Simultaneously, if you are already on a spiritual path, in your own personal alignment, and living out your soul purpose or highest potential in some way, the appearance of the gecko is reminding you that you are strong and fearless; you can overcome anything!

Remain committed to your goals and dreams, and remember to connect to spirit, dreamworld, and your subconscious through meditation and other related channels and activities.

Just like the gecko, you too can access other dimensions and planes of consciousness.

Interesting fact! ~ Did you know that many animals in the wild consciously choose to eat the world-famous mushroom, Fly Agaric?

Upon consumption, they become transported into another world, a world we would call mystical and magical, with vastly heightened senses and intuition.

If you are finding it less than effortless to imagine the energetic nature of the gecko who can regenerate themselves and merge in between worlds, just envision a reality with a small amount of Fly Agaric in one’s system!

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Gecko Spiritual Meaning

Gecko on log

If the gecko is your spirit animal or keeps popping up to show you messages, you are being asked to become in tune with your intuition.

You are also being asked to protect yourself, perhaps by putting up better boundaries or strengthening your aura- the protective energetic bubble which surrounds you.

Geckos are highly adaptable and agile as previously mentioned, meaning that they have a certain freedom about them to move around at will.

In your own life this can translate physically, by creating more freedom for yourself and changing environments or certain structures in play; or emotionally and spiritually by healing yourself and letting go of old patterns and cycles of thought, belief, and behavior.

The wall gecko's spiritual meaning represents incredible healing and cleansing qualities due to its regenerative powers.

This animal literally has the ability to shed its skin in a cyclic manner, disposing of the old and making space for the new.

Lizards can even grow back their own limbs! (Specifically, the tail.)

This has incredible significance when looking to the spiritual meaning of the lizard and gecko.

The association here is reincarnation, a complete restart on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Regeneration allows these animals to adapt to any physical environment, any situation or reality which keeps them ‘stuck,’ and change for a new beginning.

The same is true and can be applied for us humans. 

Change is key when the gecko (or lizard) makes its way into your life.

There are a number of different manifestations which may be occurring, but the main element is that some part of your life has become stuck in a repetitive cycle.

Change is near.

If you are willing to let go, release parts of yourself or physical reality which no longer serve you, and put in the energy, hard work and dreaming (manifesting) necessary to see great change in your world; you can finally outgrow the things, people, places or stories which are holding you back.

Various associations of the Gecko:

  • Rebirth
  • Regeneration
  • Growth
  • Renewal
  • Transformation
  • Evolution
  • Letting go of the old
  • New beginnings
  • The completion of karmic cycles
  • New chapter

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Seeing Geckos in Dreams

Gecko in a dream

If a gecko makes its way into your dreams you could be being sent a number of messages and signs.

Any of the energetic qualities and spiritual meanings of the gecko could be present, so the best way to determine the dream message is to do some soul- searching and inner work.

Self- reflection can help you determine exactly what it is you need to outgrow, change or adapt to.

Simultaneously, if there are things you have been repressing or pushing down, the gecko can help you bring these to the surface with his insight.

Potential Gecko Meaning for Dream Interpretations & Messages:

  • A situation is outdated and stuck on repeat. Break the cycle and let go, engaging in healing in the process.
  • Your life has become automatic, like it is on autopilot. Slow down and look at what or who might be preventing you from living to your highest potential, following your dreams or stepping into a new path.
  • Pay attention to your dreams and visions. There are deep pearls of wisdom and insight in your dreams- both real dreams in sleep and your intentions and aspirations.
  • Listen to your intuition or seek to develop it. Your intuition is the key to achieving your goals and dreams, or to beginning a new path and moving forward.
  • Let go of the past! Find teaching in your follies and keep your memory strong, however don’t let past pains, hurt, regrets or emotions keep you from your true self and real path.
  • Learn to adapt. Be flexible, agile and fearless in your desires and soulful visions. Your physical reality is not a box, it is a circle!
  • A time of renewal, rebirth and regeneration is in order. Transformation and change are coming.
  • A new chapter is about to begin. First, you need to look to your past and your shadow, and heal and let go.
  • There is an aspect of yourself which needs to be shed, like the skin of the gecko. Magic is achievable, yet first you must believe and be willing to lose the parts of you you have clung on to for so long. Change comes with sacrifice, but this sacrifice is only for your highest self and seeks to serve your best interests.
  • Be open to new opportunities and ways of being. New experiences can be attracted into your life now, if you are open to them.
  • A spiritual or energetic resurrection, death and rebirth is in order. Be prepared!

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‘Gecko Medicine:’ Working with the Energy

Gecko medicine

Finally, the gecko medicine is a holistic representation of the associations, symbolism and spiritual meaning of this fascinating creature.

You can, therefore, work with the energy of the gecko for optimum and life-changing results.

Start to introduce gecko or lizard symbolism into your home, or visualize the gecko during meditation.

Through visualization, set your intention to connect to the energy of the gecko, further embodying his healing powers through conscious breathing and imagery.

You may also feel aligned to expand to sit in shamanic ceremony, and connect to the subtle planes of existence through transcendental meditation, song or sound.

Whatever your tool or channel, just remember that reality is a multi-dimensional experience.

You can receive the energetic qualities of the gecko through connecting to your own inner spirit and merging with the spirit, or consciousness, of the gecko.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed learning about the wall gecko spiritual meaning. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Moses Ola

Friday 13th of May 2022

I see them anytime I'm confused of either to walk away and start a new life or endure...I understand now thanks for this article


Saturday 30th of April 2022

On April 30, 2022 I stepped out on my porch in the morning hours and witnessed a Geico lizard cross my path and I watched in amazement then it dawned on me this is a sign of a new beginning

Alan Young

Sunday 1st of May 2022

I'm so glad you got to witness that! It definitely sounds like it was a sign for something new. :)

MN Latoka

Monday 11th of April 2022

Thank you very much for elaborating on the meaning of a gecko, though I'm very much scared of it

Okorie Franklin

Monday 28th of February 2022

Am also touched by this article now,I just saw this gecko at my window this morning as I woke up so I cheased it out & prayed but as I want to study the bible,my mind just led me to search online about this before I found my self here.


Thursday 10th of February 2022

Hi, There is one living in my roof. I am in tears after reading this. Every time I think in certain ways the Gecko makes a sound. I am trying to recover after finally escaping a 14 year relationship with a cover5 narcissist. This is the hardest ever time of my life. Thank you for your post.