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6 Great Essential Oils For The Heart Chakra

6 Great Essential Oils For The Heart Chakra

Balancing chakras is no easy feat.

In Ancient Hinduism, the goal is not to balance the chakras but to completely destroy them.

Carl Jung Westernized the idea by using the word ‘balance.’ In a sense, it is the same because achieving consistent true balance is essentially like ‘destroying.’

They are both permanent effects that occur once one has mastered Self.

Regardless, both teachings agree there are aids in the physical world that help with Self Mastery, and one extremely beneficial aid is essential oils. 

What are the best essential oils for the heart chakra? Rosewood, Pine, Neroli, Jasmine, Marjoram, Eucalyptus, and Yarrow are the best essential oils for the heart chakra. From physical to psychic aid, each oil has specific benefits for the heart chakra.

Try to go with the one that you think smells the best, first!

Then, go from there. 

There are essential oils that help balance the heart chakra, but if you don’t know how to use them, you won’t receive many benefits.

More info below!

Signs You Need To Use Essential Oils For The Heart Chakra

Essential Oils For The Heart Chakra

The thing about the heart chakra is there are many different elements at play when it comes to removing blockages. 


Well, because there are so many elements at play that cause the blockages in the first place. 

The heart chakra tends to suffer from blockages in the following categories:

  • Physical: Respiratory and Heart Problems
  • Mental: Trauma and Grief
  • Emotional: Irritability or Irrational Emotions
  • Spiritual: Disconnected From Others (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Energetically)

The heart chakra tends to bring up unresolved childhood traumas, along with recent trauma and how you respond to a future trauma.

Not only that, but the heart chakra can also bring up things from your past life.

In fact, in your quest to reach ultimate balance within yourself, your heart chakra will absolutely bring up past life and even generational karmic debt

For a more in-depth description of what it feels and looks like to have a blocked heart chakra, click here

Here is a shortlist of some of the common signs of a blocked heart chakra:

  • You feel physically achy or stiff
  • The same fears and negative emotions pop up
  • Being overly defensive
  • Jealousy
  • Fears of intimacy 
  • Seeking approval, attention, or validation 
  • People-pleasing to a fault but also holding grudges when you get your feelings mildly hurt
  • Excessive isolation but also codependency 

Depending on who you are and your life thus far, you may become reclusive when your heart chakra is unbalanced while another person becomes clingy or codependent.

In the same sense, you could wake up one day and feel reclusive when you are usually codependent. 

There are two sides to everything. 

The heart chakra is your center of love and compassion, as well as forgiveness and empathy for others.

It only makes sense that one might experience any number of these signs when it is blocked or unbalanced.

The tricky part about chakra balancing, though, is that you could be experiencing symptoms from multiple chakras simultaneously. 

It is recommended to try one remedy at a time to ensure you understand which one helps which chakra. 

6 Essential Oils For The Heart Chakra

The below essential oils are well-known across the board for aiding in removing heart chakra blockages.

That said, these aren’t the only essential oils that could help the heart chakra.

This list gives you a great place to start, but if you aren’t convinced by any of these essential oils, then try something else! 

It is always better to listen to your gut when it’s all said and done.

You might find a hidden gem that works best for your heart chakra!

Here are the six best essential oils that most people use to balance their heart chakra:

1. Rosewood

Rosewood oil for heart chakra

Rosewood oil tops the list at number one for the best essential oils to balance the heart chakra.

This is because it is most commonly used across the board for all things related to the heart, including emotional and physical imbalances.

It has a sweet floral scent thanks to a naturally occurring terpene alcohol called Linalool. 

This component is known for evoking neural responses in humans.

It most commonly evokes that warm and fuzzy feeling we get when we are our happiest and feel most loved. 

Traditionally, Rosewood has been used for a multitude of different things, including: 

  • Stress headache relief
  • Coughing or sore throat relief
  • Clearing acne, psoriasis, and scarring
  • Helps with insect bites and stings
  • Calms depression and anxiety

The smell alone is enough to help put a smile on some people’s faces.

When it comes to the heart chakra, the citrus, woody, floral aroma warms the soul from the inside out.

It has a way of reminding us of all the good we have in our lives. 

2. Pine

Pine essential oil for the heart chakra

Many people turn to Pine essential oil in the winter months.

This naturally woody oil has a way of warming up the home when it’s diffused.

In fact, when many people think of holiday cheer, they immediately run to their Pine oil to get the house ready for the holidays.

The holidays are notoriously a time for cheer, love, and compassion, which is exactly what this oil brings out when we use it topically as well. 

A fun fact about Pine oil is that it has been traditionally used to help subside any pain someone might feel. It is considered an analgesic or natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Those with arthritis have used the oil to relieve their joints of inflammation. 

Similarly, Pine can be used to help with non-physical pain blocking the heart chakra.

It provides an uplifting, cleansing, and refreshing aromatic effect that does wonders for clouded emotions and mental states. 

3. Neroli

Neroli essential oil for the heart chakra

Neroli is a powerful oil that has been used since the days of Ancient Egypt.

The priests and priestesses used Neroli oil in places of worship to cleanse the environment.

It is a symbol of purity, innocence, and even fertility. In fact, many brides put a few drops of Neroli in their bridal bouquets to not only invite a cleansing aromatic smell that naturally calms the nerves as they walk down the aisle but as a symbol of their everlasting, pure love for their partner. 

It is because of this fact that many people continue to use Neroli today.

It isn’t as well-known as some of the other oils on the list, but it’s one oil that deserves more credit. 

In terms of the physical heart, Neroli has been known to regulate the heart's natural rhythm and is used as a natural relaxer by many people.

The heart chakra is a place within all of us that can be gravely affected by stress, anxiety, and depression, much like the rest of the chakra systems. 

All in all, if you can find an oil that naturally relaxes you while simultaneously boosting your mood, it is a good oil to stick with.

Neroli is most definitely that oil. 

4. Jasmine

Jasmine essential - heart chakra essential oil

Another oil notorious for appearing in bridal bouquets and bridal hair is Jasmine.

This oil has strong roots in traditional Indian culture.

It is most often referred to as the “King of Oils” or the “King of Flowers.” Although, it has traditionally been used most often by women. Still, it is called ‘King’ because it is, without a doubt, the most masculine floral scent.

Compared to its counterpart, the “Queen of Flowers,” Rose.

Jasmine has a more hardy and even musky aroma. 

Still, it is an oil that has always been associated with love and romance.

Many Asian countries will use the oil on their “First Night” as husband and wife to help relieve anxieties and boost sensuality. 

It only makes sense that this oil is used for the heart chakra.

When used as a massage oil, it can clear energetic blockages locked up in tense muscles. As humans, we tend to hold our energetic problems and stresses in our muscle tissue.

Jasmine does a great job of removing these blockages that may feel physical but are actually energetic. 

5. Marjoram

Marjoram oil

Ancient Romans were quite fond of Marjoram oil and used it for anything from culinary dishes to medications and even perfumes.

In fact, they even used it in mummy garlands to hide the smell.

In Ancient Greece, the flower was used in weddings, much like the other oils mentioned above. Many couples made a flower crown as a symbol of their undying love and happiness. 

Today, Marjoram oil is quite literally used as a tonic for nerves as well as the heart.

It’s known to promote healthy blood circulation, among other things, including: 

  • Relieve digestive disorders
  • Relieve migraines and dizziness
  • Reduce nervous or stress headaches
  • Reduce nerve pain
  • Reduce depression and anxiety

The heart chakra benefits from this oil because of its physical attributions as well as its energetic ones.

Even cooking with marjoram can initiate a healing process within the heart chakra.

As a result, you might feel negative emotions at first, but remember that these emotions are meant to be felt because the body is purging them from its energy.

Don’t suppress them!

6. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus essential oil for the heart chakra

Eucalyptus is such a versatile plant and oil.

There are so many benefits that it provides for humans, including heart chakra benefits.

The beginning uses of Eucalyptus oil trace all the way back to Ancient Egypt, but it didn’t take long for news of its benefits to spread.

Eucalyptus oil was used by the Australian Aboriginals to relieve body pains, illness, and congestion. 

In fact, many people today still use it for its decongestive benefits. You can even hang a branch of Eucalyptus from your showerhead.

The steam from the shower activates the oil compounds into the air.

It essentially works like diffusing the oil in a diffuser would. 

Because the oil works so well on congestion and the respiratory system as a whole, it makes it a great candidate for the heart chakra, not to mention the fact that it is a natural cleanser and stress reliever.

Simultaneously, it helps the throat chakra as well.

If you are nervous about expressing yourself to a loved one, Eucalyptus oil will help relieve your throat chakra for ease of expression and your heart chakra to trust and have compassion for your loved one. 

The Best Way To Use Essential Oils For the Heart Chakra

using a diffuser with essential oils

A great way to unblock any chakra is to practice Kundalini Yoga in tandem with your essential oil of choice.

This type of yoga is an ancient practice that, according to Ancient Hinduism, activates the Divine Feminine energy within us all.

It translates from the Sanskrit word, ‘कुण्डलिनी kuṇḍalinī’ meaning “coiled snake.” 

It sits at the base of the spine, and as each chakra is mastered, the serpent stretches out and gains energy to climb up the spine toward the crown chakra, which is the ultimate goal for the Kundalini.

It brings you back to Source and Divine alignment within yourself. 

When practicing this type of yoga (or any other practice), many people have their chosen essential oils on their skin throughout the practice.

If your goal is to specifically work on the heart chakra, you are invited to not only rub the oil around your chest cavity but on your palms and under your nose as well. 

Taking deep breaths with your palms in a cupping motion around your nose and mouth is a great way to recharge your energy with the heart chakra in mind.

Diffusers and oil burners work great too!

 Another method that really helps heart chakra blocks is gratitude and affirmation journaling.

This doesn’t necessarily include essential oils (although you can sprinkle your notebooks in the oils), but expressing any emotional pain or negativity is a great way to release the heart chakra. 

When it’s all said and done, you may or may not use anything on this list, but as long as it helps you discover what does help, I’ll consider that a win!

Happy balancing! 

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