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Crystals For Manifesting (7 That Are Best For Manifestation)

Crystals For Manifesting (7 That Are Best For Manifestation)

Crystal healing is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative forms of healing.

Crystals work by giving off vibrations into the world which interact with your own energy and the energy around you.

Gemstones heal and unblock the chakras, uplifting your mood and regulating emotions. They have a whole load of healing properties but did you know about their incredible metaphysical properties, too?

In this article, we will be looking at crystals for manifesting. These are gemstones that enhance your own manifesting abilities and bring forth abundance into your life. 

How Do Crystals For Manifesting Work?

In order to understand how crystals for manifesting work, it is helpful to understand the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is the belief that positive thoughts and actions will bring positive results. 

The law of attraction allows us to manifest in our own life. When we are meditating and sending out energy of abundance and change, the universe will connect with this energy and allow us to manifest what we want. 

When we use crystals in our manifestation practices, our energy is amplified.

Crystals bring forth the power of the elements and nature, allowing us to work with the universe. This means that we are in tune with the vibrations of the universe, bringing forth abundance and change. 

7 Crystals for Manifesting 

Let’s take a look at seven amazing crystals for manifesting and what they can do in your life to bring about change and abundance. 


Pyrite being used for manifesting

Pyrite is commonly known as fool’s gold because of its bright gold coloring and fiery energy.

This stone is the perfect stone to manifest money and wealth. Using this stone will allow you to connect with the element of fire and bring forth change and growth into your life. 

The strong vibrations of pyrite don’t just bring you money and wealth, it is also an amazing protective stone.

Having this crystal around will shield you against environmental pollutants and protect you against dangers. 

Pyrite is also known as being a stone of luck, bringing good fortune to those who use it. It brings you positivity and abundance, allowing you to achieve your dreams. 

Read more about pyrite with my in-depth article that details all the amazing things that this stone can do!


the crystals Citrine being used for manifesting

This wonderful, energetic crystal is perfect for manifesting and will bring forth luck and prosperity into your life. It is known as the Lucky Merchants Stone and therefore perfect for people starting a business. 

Citrine is also a great stone for confidence and personal power.

It boosts the appreciation you have for yourself, and allows you to be a strong and powerful being in the world! Its bold and uplifting energy attracts positivity, making it a perfect crystal to use for career goals. 

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Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine  is a crystal for manifesting

Green aventurine is a very lucky stone that assists in the manifestation of wealth and power. It has a strong connection with the element of earth, bringing us material goods and prosperity. 

This stone is the stone of opportunity and therefore great for those of us who may be under financial pressure or strain.

It allows change and new opportunities to come into our lives, giving us a boost of positive attitude and energy.

Green aventurine is also a great way to boost courage and confidence, helping us to act and follow our goals. It allows us to connect with our leadership qualities and our decision-making skills. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz on table

Clear quartz is one of the most versatile healing crystal that amplifies you own energy and the energy of crystals around it.

When working with your own manifestation powers, having a clear quartz nearby will make your own manifesting much stronger. 

Because of this, the clear quartz can be used to manifest anything. From money to love, clear quartz is the perfect crystal to have to give your own powers a boost. It also will cleanse the area, neutralizing any bad energy. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz collection

When we talk about manifesting, sometimes people just think we can manifest money or material goods. However, this is not true! We can manifest anything with our own powers and the vibrations from crystals. 

The rose quartz is the perfect stone to manifest love. Its soothing and nurturing vibrations will calm and harmonize the energy around it, bringing forth love and affection. 

The rose quartz can be used to manifest love between people, for example, if you are looking for a new romance. Meditating with this crystal and sending your energy out into the universe will bring love to your door. 

This crystal for manifesting is also great to bring about self-love. We all know about how important self-love is, but how many of us practicing manifesting self-love?

Bringing rose quartz into your manifesting will allow you to focus your energy on self-love and confidence. Its comforting vibrations will bring you calmness and serenity, meaning that you can focus on manifesting the love that you deserve.

Green Jade

Green Jade stones

Another famously lucky stone, the green jade is an amazing crystal to use in manifestation. This stone has been used for centuries to bring about good luck and fortune, being a significant part of a whole range of cultures. 

The green jade is a very receptive stone, harnessing and working with the energies around it. It will protect your finances well, allowing you to find stability and comfort in your money. Its vibrations will also attract more wealth, bringing new chances for money-making into your life. 

Aside from its amazing manifesting powers, the green jade can bring so much into your life. It is a calming and peaceful stone, dispelling anxiety and harmonizing emotions.

If you often find yourself holding yourself back in terms of career growth, this stone is perfect for you. It allows you to look into yourself and realize your potential. 

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Obsidian in a bowl

Black obsidian is an incredibly powerful crystal of protection. It cleanses the psychic spirit and blocks it from psychic attacks. It allows us to remove negativity from our lives, focusing on positivity and abundance. 

So, why is a protective crystal on the list of crystals for manifestation?

I believe that black obsidian is a really important crystal when it comes to manifestation because it works with our energy and removes any negativity that might be holding us back. 

Manifesting comes from our own personal power and will, and crystals are used to enhance these things. But, in order to manifest what we desire, we must remove the negativity that is within us.

Using black obsidian allows us to cut negativity out of our lives, letting us focus our intentions on manifesting. 

How To Use Crystals When Manifesting

These seven crystals are amazing tools to use when wanting to manifest. They work with our own powerful energy to let us get what we want. 

So, what are the best ways to use crystals when manifesting? 

Manifesting for Career Goals 

When we are wanting to manifest career goals, the best way to use the crystals is to have them on you at work, or at your desk. 

If you are wanting a promotion at work, place a citrine or a green aventurine on your desk. These crystals will help you achieve your career goals and bring forth abundance, their vibrations working with your own to manifest. 

These crystals for manifesting are also really great to bring with you to job interviews. Having them on a necklace or in a pocket will allow their powers to affect yours in the interview! 

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Manifesting for Money

Pile of money

The best way to manifest money is to have the crystal in your purse or wallet.

Simply placing a small piece of pyrite or green jade in with your cards and money will mean that their vibrations will be constantly working with your wealth and material energy. 

Having a crystal in your purse or wallet will also mean that the powers of the stone will often be around you, bringing forth abundance. 

Manifesting for Love

Whether you are manifesting for a new romance or trying to bring about a whole load of self-love, meditation is the best way to do it!

Take time out from your day to sit with your pink quartz, holding it in your hand. Before you begin to meditate, make sure your mind and body are relaxed and open to new intentions. You can do this with simple breathing exercises. 

When you are ready, now is the time to manifest! Repeating love or self-love affirmations is a great way to send your energy out into the world. You can repeat them out loud or in your head. 

Whilst you are doing this, visualize the energy of the crystal connecting with your own energy. Try and picture them as two bright, pink lights. Allow them to work with each other, then let your manifestations out into the world. 

Practice manifesting for love at least once a week and soon the universe will send you the love right back!

Manifesting for Change

Using crystals to manifest change

Manifesting for change in your own personal attitudes towards the world can be hard. Perhaps negativity and resentment is holding you back, and you don’t really know where to begin in order to manifest change. 

Simply placing a crystal for manifesting under your pillow at night can assist you in the change that you are needing. As we learned before, black obsidian is an amazing crystal that allows us to reject negative thinking and change unhelpful thought processes. 

Placing a black obsidian under your pillow will allow the vibrations from the crystal to connect with your subconsciousness, letting in positivity and letting go of negativity. As you sleep, your mind will be healing and growing. Soon, you will be ready and open to manifest your dreams and desires!

Change Comes From You, With The Help of These Amazing Crystals for Manifesting 

You have the power within yourself to manifest your goals and ambitions. Your energy is powerful and strong and by working with the universe you can get anything you want!

Incorporating these crystals into your manifesting will give your energy a boost, bringing more power to you. These incredible crystals for manifesting will bring forth change and abundance into your life. 

Good luck and have fun manifesting with these crystals!