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7 Crown Chakra Stones & Crystals (Balancing & Healing)

7 Crown Chakra Stones & Crystals (Balancing & Healing)

Crystal and stone healing is an alternative and holistic form of therapy.

They work with the energetic body to cleanse negativity.

This has yet to be proved by science, but that doesn’t mean this form of healing is a hoax or placebo.

All chakras in the chakra system benefit from crystal and stone therapy.

The crown chakra (Sahasrara) is the 7th chakra and highest in the energetic center of the subtle body.

There are seven stones and crystals perfect for crown chakra healing. 

Here is a list of stones and crystals to use for crown chakra healing: Lapis Lazuli, Selenite, Lepidolite, Moon Stone, Howlite, Amethyst, and Hypersthene work best for crown chakra healing. The crown chakra is one of the hardest for society (as a collective) to maintain a healthy balance. These stones will help you activate, balance, and heal your crown chakra!

Knowledge of the proper use and care for your crystals and stones is a must.

Continue reading to learn more about what crystals to use for crown chakra healing as well as how to use them and how to care for them. 

Why Use Stones And Crystals For The Crown Chakra?

Stones & Crystals For The Crown Chakra

Most of the world turns to science when it comes to believing in things that allegedly heal the body.

The healing properties of stones and crystals have yet to be scientifically proven, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work.

Just like anything else that undergoes scientific research and analysis, they can still heal without the scientific stamp of approval.

It might just take science a little longer to figure out how to prove it. 

Penicillin worked to fight infections before it was proven by science.

Yet, people, it wasn’t until it was scientifically proven that the world bought into it. 

I realize crystal healing is monumentally different than antibiotics, but the point is still valid.

Crystal and stone healing won’t be proven until science figures out how to work with the energetic body.

However, that doesn’t make their healing properties unjustified until that day comes.

Most scientists sum up crystal healing as a placebo effect; while this is somewhat true, it isn’t the whole truth. 

Let me explain:

The way energy healing works is inherently dependent on your belief in its validity.

The saying “mind over matter” is a great way to explain how energy healing works.

The mind and brain are extremely powerful.

The brain relates to the physical body and the mind, the spiritual or energetic body – and remember, everything is connected.

The word might have a negative connotation in the science community, but it is essentially the same as saying the ever-famous “mind over matter” mantra we all know and love.

This explains why you can get a diagnosis from a doctor, and if your mind refuses to believe in the validity of the treatment, it won’t work, or complications may present themselves when you begin said treatment.

This also explains why it takes some people longer to heal than others. 

You create the reality you live in with your every thought and word spoken. 

So, if you believe that you can transfer the energy between yourself and a given crystal or stone, then it will happen.

If you believe this energy transfer will heal a certain ailment, it will.

It might not happen as fast as an antibiotic because it doesn’t have that same vehicle to connect the energetic and physical body as an antibiotic does.

Regardless, the energetic healing will happen, and the physical body will catch up to the healing in time. 

Those that integrate their life to incorporate the presence of energy in all things will see results more rapidly because their entire life revolves around this form of healing.

This is essentially what it means something is said to be a placebo. 

The Difference Between a Stone And a Crystal

Before we get into the seven powerful stones and crystals that are perfect for crown chakra healing, let’s recap what the geological difference is between the two. 

By definition, a stone is a solid, non-metallic mineral matter.

The main difference is that crystals start as a liquid comprised of ions, atoms, and molecules that pack together and solidify, while a stone is always solid.

However, in the spiritual community, you will see these two words used interchangeably.

For the sake of minimizing confusion, I will use the terms interchangeably in this article as well. 

7 Crown Chakra Stones And Crystals

Crown Chakra Stones

This list, by no means, is meant to represent the only crystals and stones that are perfect for healing the crown chakra.

However, these are the top seven that are best known for doing so.

You might find another stone that works better for you than any listed below. 

If that is the case, please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below!

1. Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of peace, wisdom, and truth.

It is capable of providing healing in the form of intuitive messages.

Those that have trouble listening to their gut will have trouble balancing their crown chakra.

This stone is perfect for essentially making that intuitive voice a little louder. 

Learning to trust your intuition is hard, especially when society has engrained us all to have chronic trust issues.

This stone will bring more of those feelings of epiphany into your life.

In reality, epiphanies are just your intuition screaming wisdom into your mind. 

The more you listen, the easier and stronger it becomes. 

2. Selenite

Selenite crystal a crown chakra crystal

Selenite is famously known for its cleansing properties.

Specifically, it is used to cleanse the energies of the crystals it surrounds.

When used on its own, Selenite can cleanse any chakra or energetic intention you set.

For this reason, it works great to heal the crown chakra as well as any other chakra! 

Selenite is a must-have for anyone interested in stone and crystal healing methods.

In fact, it’s worth it to buy multiples because they are cheap, but they are also a softer crystal and break easily.

Continue reading to learn what it means when a stone or crystal breaks. 

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3. Lepidolite  

Not to be confused with La-Pedialyte, Lepidolite is a purple stone that inherently vibrates at a frequency that matches the crown chakra.

All jokes aside, this stone can quite literally stimulate positive synchronicities.

When you think about it, synchronicities happen when you listen to your intuition.

Your intuition is your map that guides you along your earthly mission.

When you listen to your intuition, you receive more syncs.

These syncs are validations that you are on the right track

When you need a (literal) sign from the universe that your crown chakra is balanced, carry Lepidolite with you.

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4. Moon Stone 

Moonstone crystal a crown chakra stone

Moonstone is a mystical and metaphysical stone that is most powerful when used under the light of the moon.

It can aid in activating your psychic abilities while simultaneously balancing your crown chakra. 

This stone is almost always used in astral travel, something that cannot be done if the third eye and crown chakra are blocked or unbalanced.

Sleeping with the stone underneath your pillow or on your person will aid in crown chakra healing as well as astral traveling and lucid dreaming. 

5. Howlite  

Howlite is a wonderous stone that works hand in hand with your emotions.

Some might say this more closely relates to the heart chakra, but Howlite is powerful for the crown chakra as well.

Changes in your temperament will likely occur when you first activate your crown chakra. 

Therefore, working with Howlite will help stabilize those emotions so you can maintain a lucid mindset.

Your crown chakra cannot maintain balance without stabilized emotions. 

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6. Amethyst 

Crown chakra crystals Amethyst

Amethyst is another popular crystal known for its versatility.

However, it works remarkably well for the 7th chakra because of its deep purple color.

The crown chakra resonates with the color purple or violet because it is the color with the highest vibration. 

For this reason, Amethyst has been dubbed the “Stone of Spirituality.”

It brings a sense of calming and grounding to your crown chakra, which is perfect when the chakra is overactive

7. Hypersthene 

Lastly, we have Hypersthene.

This stone isn’t as widely known as some of the others on the list but is referred to as the “Stone of Clairvoyance.”

Yes, clairvoyance is considered a psychic ability which normally means your third eye has been activated.

However, the third eye chakra and crown chakra are very closely related because they both work with the higher and more spiritual energies of the universe. 

Because of this, you will see faster manifestations and synchronicities that you are on the right track.

It is a stone that will help you discover and fulfill your life’s purpose, which is directly related to your crown chakra. 

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How To Use Stones And Crystals For Your Crown Chakra 

crystals to use for your crown chakra

Perhaps the greatest thing about utilizing crystals and stones in your healing practices is the fact that they are so easy to use.

Crystal and stone are essentially adaptogenic, meaning they work with you to heal whatever intention you set for them.

This can be wonderful yet confusing to those that are new to this method of healing. 

Your intuition is the single most important tool in figuring how to best use your crystals, regardless of what you want to accomplish.

That said, some could say that speaking to their crystals – similarly to how you would speak to a plant you want to grow – is the most beneficial way to use their crystals. 

Here are a few common ways people generally use their crystals to heal the crown chakra: 

Wearing Them:

Stuff those crystals in your pockets or around your neck for healing effects.

Sleeping With Them:

Place the stones underneath your pillow at night. This works great for the crown chakra and third eye chakras, specifically.

Around the Home:

Place different crystals around your home to experience the healing regardless of where you are in your home.


Place the crystals on or around you while you meditate with the intention to heal your crown chakra. You can also try repeating crown chakra affirmations and mantras during this time as well.


Those that practice rituals can utilize the stones in this manner as well.

How To Care For Your Crown Chakra Crystals And Stones

Caring for your crown chakra crystals

Crystals are energetic beings similar to the way humans are.

When a crystal absorbs negative energy, it is affected, similar to humans.

This means that they require cleansing and rest, similar to the way humans do as well. And just like humans, crystals reach a breaking point as well, quite literally. 

Selenite is the most popular stone for this, but when you work with a stone too much without properly caring for it, it will break.

Selenite is a powerful cleanser of negative energy.

Negative energy is just as powerful as positive.

However, positive energy is naturally healing, while negative energy can be damaging

That said, if your Selenite or other stone breaks from overuse, you don’t have to feel bad!

Yes, the stone should get a well-deserved break and cleansing time with the moon, but it’s not the end of the road for the little guy.

When a stone breaks, the remaining pieces become stronger than they were as a whole. 

In the same way, humans become stronger every time we pick ourselves back up after we fall. 

How cool is that? 

Here’s how to care for a stone regardless if it’s broken or not: 

  • Some stones can be cleansed in salt water, but not all of them. Here is an article to help you figure out if this cleansing method is good for the stone you are using. 
  • By far, the easiest way to cleanse and recharge crystals is under the light of a full moon. Each full moon, simply sit your crystals in a windowsill overnight that faces the moon. 
  • You can also use Palo Santo or other smudging techniques to cleanse your crystals. 

Crystals and stones have been used as alternative therapy for centuries.

They might not be scientifically proven to help heal the body, but they provide unavoidable benefits to those that use them.

Try any of those crystals out and see which works best for you!

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