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77 Crown Chakra Affirmations That Work Like Magic + Usage Guide

77 Crown Chakra Affirmations That Work Like Magic + Usage Guide

The crown chakra is our 7th chakra located at the very top or crown area of the head.

This is the energetic portal from which we can access higher consciousness perspectives.

This chakra is all about our connection, communication, interaction, and communion with spiritual energy or higher consciousness. It is through this energy center that we can receive infinite spiritual guidance, knowledge, and nourishment. 

This chakra is the highest chakra that is linked to both our physical and etheric body, it is the energy center that allows us to integrate and experience spiritual energy and embody these insights to benefit ourselves, all those that surround us and the earth. 

Just like our other chakras, this energy center can also fall into states of imbalance.

This article will focus on the incredible healing practice of positive crown chakra affirmations for healing specific crown chakra imbalances.

We will offer a selection of powerful affirmations that you can choose to work with as well as some tips to help you get the best results when using these crown chakra healing affirmations.

Why Use Crown Chakra Affirmations?

Crown Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are one of those practices that are so easy to use and so you may at first not fully realize how powerful they actually are.

We first need to remember that every word we speak and think is actually energy and these words each resonate at a specific frequency which contributes to creating our perceptions, emotions, and experiences of life.

Positive affirmations are a way to intentionally harness this energetic power of words and languages.

Affirmations are particularly amazing for healing the crown chakra as this chakra is so sensitive to subtle energy.

Intentionally curated crown chakra affirmations offer the words that resonate with the frequency of a healthy and balanced crown chakra and these words can affect the energetic calibration needed to heal and rebalance your crown chakra. 

Using crown chakra affirmations can really work like magic to heal and realign any imbalances within this chakra in a fairly short space of time with just a little bit of effort (the effort actually becomes really enjoyable especially when you experience the positive results of using these crown chakra affirmations.

77 Crown Chakra Affirmations

woman doing crown chakra affirmations

These are some really powerful, aligning, and energizing affirmations worded specifically to assist with healing and balancing of the crown chakra.

You will find the affirmations divided into two sections according to the type of crown chakra imbalance that you may be experiencing. 

You could be experiencing a blocked crown chakra also known as an underactive chakra or overactive crown chakra (you can check out the following articles, 7 signs of an overactive crown chakra, and symptoms of a block crown chakra to learn more about the crown chakras imbalances. 

Choose the section that is relevant to you and read over all the affirmations in the section.

You can then move on to read through the affirmation usage tips that will help you with choosing and utilizing these powerful statements in order to have the most effective healing potential. 

Affirmations For An Overactive Crown Chakra

Affirmations for overactive crown chakra
  1. I honour both the physical and spiritual aspects of being human.
  2. I empathize with others in a beneficial and balanced way.
  3. I am consciously connected to all beings.
  4. I feel my vital interconnection with everything.
  5. I  sleep easily and wake up energized.
  6. My sleep and wake cycles are perfectly regulated.
  7. I release any feelings and thoughts of superiority and inferiority.
  8. I understand that all beings are equal.
  9. I acknowledge that all beings are souls.
  10. I integrate spiritual insights at a pace that is most beneficial.
  11. I share my perspective with humility.
  12. I use my spiritual understanding to benefit myself and all those that surround me.
  13. I understand that physical experiences are also spiritual.
  14. I take excellent care of my physical vessel which is the home to my soul’s experiences.
  15. I honour my physical body.
  16. I am physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.
  17. I am rooted in the present moment.
  18. I ground my spiritual insights into physical experiences.
  19. My crown chakra is aligned to its original energetic blueprint.
  20. The energy of my crown chakra is perfectly balanced.
  21. I release any unnecessary or misaligned energy within my crown chakra.
  22. I enjoy mental clarity.
  23. I am light and uplifted.
  24. I enjoy living in a state of mindfulness.
  25. I am grateful for my physical and spiritual experience of life.
  26. I receive and perceive higher guidance clearly and accurately.
  27. I am excited and grateful to experience life in a physical body.
  28. I embody my spiritual perspectives in beneficial and balanced ways.
  29. I recognise my soul and the soul within each being.
  30. I am lovingly and divinely guided.
  31. I use my spiritual understanding for good.
  32. I understand the importance of both spiritual and physical practices.
  33. I understand the interconnection between spiritual and physical perceptions. 
  34. I am aligned with and embody my highest purpose.
  35. I embrace interconnection.
  36. I love and respect myself and all beings.
  37. I love being alive and having a spiritual experience.

Affirmations For A Underactive Crown Chakra

woman doing underactive crown chakra affirmations
  1. My crown chakras is perfectly balanced and active.
  2. My crown chakras is in a most vital and aligned state.
  3. I accept that everything is in perfect alignment.
  4. I know that everything is working out best-case scenario.
  5. I am guided and supported by my higher self.
  6. I experience the peace and contentment of higher perspectives.
  7. I easily receive and perceive divine spiritual guidance.
  8. I experience deep transformational meditations.
  9. My dreams reveal to me beauty and insights.
  10. I am connected
  11. I invite synchronicity into my life and I welcome it with gratitude.
  12. I am exactly where I am meant to be.
  13. I trust that everything meant for me will find me.
  14. I allow divine healing and aligning energy to flow through me now.
  15. I allow myself to see clearly and I love what I see.
  16. I know that I am a soul in a human body.
  17. I honour the divine spirit within me.
  18. I am open to new knowledge and ideas.
  19. I am a clear channel of love and peace.
  20. I am a clear conduit of consciousness and clarity.
  21. I have direct access to infinite source energy.
  22. I am spiritually nourished.
  23. I am fully open to enlightenment.
  24. I believe in the power of prayer.
  25. I am in constant communication with spirit.
  26. I honour myself and all others as divine beings.
  27. I contribute beneficial energy and awareness to our collective consciousness.
  28. I gain valuable knowledge from every experience.
  29. I experience my truly awakened self.
  30. I love and appreciate being alive and aware of my multidimensional existence.
  31. I understand that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies.
  32. I intentionally choose to experience a higher aligned frequency.
  33. I feel my connection to life and the universe.
  34. I am an expression of pure love.
  35. I enjoy blissful clarity and freedom.
  36. I trust that everything that I experience is for my highest good.
  37. I am aware of and embody my life purpose.
  38. My soul is infinite.
  39. I am limitless.
  40. I am a clear expression of source energy.

How To Get The Best Results With Crown Chakra Affirmations

showing how to do crown chakra affirmations

In this section, you will find a few powerful tips that will help you to use the crown chakra affirmations with great success.

There are so many interesting and creative ways to include affirmation into your daily practice including but not limited to meditations with affirmations, writing affirmations, music with affirmations, and art with affirmations. 

There are a huge variety of specific techniques that you can research online surrounding how to best utilize positive affirmations, the following tips and techniques are just a few of the considerations that I find particularly empowering to understand when using affirmations for crown chakra healing.

Following your intuition and noticing your resistance when choosing affirmations 

Once you’ve read through the crown chakra affirmations from the section that is relevant to your needs you can choose the affirmations that intuitively feel most powerful to you.

Sometimes the best-suited affirmations will immediately feel powerful or activating and sometimes it can take some work.

At times resistance can show up and you may actually feel really awkward reading the affirmations, especially out loud.

In this case, you will just need to be honest with yourself and know that resistance and initial discomfort can be a sign that your current imbalanced vibration is far off from matching the aligned vibration that affirmation offers.

After consciously repeating and working with the affirmation for a while you will feel your energy rise to meet the true alignment of the intended words.

Speak your affirmations out loud

Saying affirmations out loud can really help when choosing affirmations as mentioned above as this will help you to identify any resistance you may have as well as to feel into which affirmations will be extra transformative for your situation. 

Saying your chosen crown chakra affirmations out loud is a simple yet great way to begin working with your affirmations.

When you speak the words out loud you are inputting or encoding this energy into your field in a multi-sensory way. 

You are reading the words ( visually acknowledging them ), speaking the words ( tangibly feeling them vibrate as you speak, and at the same time engaging your hearing sense and listening to yourself speak the empowering affirmations).

Saying the affirmations out loud can really help you to own the aligned frequencies that it offers and step into the embodiment of this energy. 

Delve into the emotional experience within the affirmations 

female sitting by lake doing crown chakra affirmations

As we fully integrate the knowledge that words are a powerful and magical energetic tool we can start to add another layer of understanding to how we work with language. The element that we should also be aware of is emotion.

Take the time to meditate upon and feel into the energy of the words that make up an affirmation, when you do this you may experience an emotional sensation.

This can take practice at first and so you can intentionally use tools such as visualization and drawing upon past experience to associate the affirmation with positive and uplifting emotions. 

Acknowledging and feeling the emotional quality of an affirmation allows for an extra layer of activation and this can only increase the magical effectiveness and potency of the crown chakra healing affirmations that you have chosen to work with.

Repeat crown chakra affirmations before sleep and upon waking 

You can choose to leverage the periods of time where your mind is most susceptible to being programmed positively.

Anytime is a good time to work with your affirmation but some of the best times are the last moments before going to bed and the first moment when you wake up after sleep.

Repeating affirmation before you go to sleep allows the energy of these words to sink into your subconscious as you enter into the deeply relaxed state of sleep.

Again repeating the affirmations as soon as you wake up will allow this energy to be activated and brought to the forefront of your consciousness, immediately setting the energetic tone and awareness for the day ahead. 

Practicing crown chakra affirmations at these times will help you gain the magical effects quite rapidly.

You may begin to notice a change after just a few days and nights of consistent practice.

Crown chakra affirmations are one of the easiest techniques that you can choose to work with to experience the magical healing and aligning the power of language.

Utilize the energy of these intentionally curated healing words to rebalance this chakra so that you may enjoy the balanced and aligned cosmic perspective of infinite energy and interconnection.

A balanced and aligned crown chakra allows us to understand and experience what it means to be a spirit having a human experience; to more fully embody awakened consciousness and higher knowledge so that we may live and create an experience with an understanding of our true nature.

The understanding and knowledge that we gain from the balanced crown chakra can allow us to move through life with real clarity, enjoyment, and gratitude for each present moment that we get to be souls experiencing the physical. 

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on the crown chakra affirmations.

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