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Clear Calcite: 10 Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Uses

Clear Calcite: 10 Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Uses

Did you know that Clear Calcite is also known as Iceland Spar or Optical Calcite? There is a variety of Calcite that originated in Iceland.

Today, we will be looking at the metaphysical properties of Clear Calcite and the benefits and everyday use of these unique crystals. 

Objects appearing through this mineral will appear to appear in two places at once because it is double refractive.

There are usually a lot of rainbow inclusions within this Calcite variety, which is typically transparent.

It is not only very easy to access and use Clear Calcite crystals, but they are also powerful and beautiful.

If you hold them in your hands, you can feel the incredible flow of energy coursing through your body.

Clear Calcite Meaning

Chalx and Calx – which translate to lime in Latin – are the ancient Greek and Latin words that explain the meaning of Clear Calcite.

The link to lime does not refer to color but rather to its composition as crystallized limestone.

When you see this amazing crystal with its mystical shimmer, it's because you've probably seen it before when admiring the intricacies of stalactites and stalagmites.

Many names in our modern world are known as calcite – you may hear it referred to as Clear Calcite, Calcspar, or Iceland Spar

Clear Calcite was also used by William Nicol when he invented the first polarizing prism in 1828, known as the Nicol Prism.

A piece was cut at a 68-degree angle. Microscopy and polarimetry used Nicol prisms in the past.

There are many colors of calcite, from clear ice to bright citrus orange.

All Calcite contributes its own radiant energy to encourage creativity, wash away negativity, and nurture emotional healing so you can live the life you were born to live.

The Metaphysical Properties & Benefits Of Clear Calcite

Clear Calcite

A stone with a burst of crystal clear fabulousness and an amplifying power like no other, it is a stone that will make you feel alive, ready to light a fire in your soul.

In those times when you feel like you need a fresh start, the Clear Calcite crystal can jump in and bring its invigorating flow to flush out old habits, unhook the anchors, and leave you dancing light on your feet.

Let’s take a look at seven of the metaphysical properties of Clear Calcite and how it can enhance your life through its benefits. 

1. Purification and Amplification 

A crystal of purification and amplification. It is a powerful substance.

Our minds, bodies, energy, and environments are cleansed of blockages, stagnation, and negativity through its purifying activity.

By clearing and opening the chakras, Clear Calcite allows energy to flow down the spine and into the ground, enhancing our spiritual connection and awakening us to the higher consciousness of Gaia and the natural world.

2. Calming

The mental benefits of Clear Calcite are that it calms the mind, enhances memory, and stimulates new insights into existing problems and situations.

When studying something new, the crystal is an excellent stone to have nearby to assist in turning your ideas into action.

Using this crystal helps cleanse the chakras and the aura, removing energetic blocks.

It is a stone that can help us understand our true path and the steps we need to take to travel well.

3. Enhances Your Learning Abilities 

This is a benefit of Clear Calcite that will enhance your studying and ability to absorb information. 

You can also improve your learning ability with Clear Calcite crystals.

It's good to have these crystals when you're learning a new skill or language or preparing for an important exam because your mind will absorb knowledge and information like a sponge.

4. Stone Of Grounding 

clear calcite metaphysical properties

You can ground, center, and gain inner peace with Clear Calcite crystals.

The crystal can help you find your life purpose if you are uncertain about where you need to go.

In this way, we can release scarcity-thinking, make better choices, and move forward in more effective ways.

If you need to clear your mind and make decisions based on logic and intuition, then using this crystal is an excellent stone to work with.

5. Brings You An Energy Of Wealth

A metaphysical property of Clear Calcite is the ability to attract wealth.

In order to achieve this, you need to get rid of old beliefs and patterns that block the flow of prosperity in your life.

As you work with this crystal, you will better understand your situation and increase your ability to earn money, create new income streams, and attract good fortune.

Business owners will benefit from it, primarily if they use their natural talent for business.

6. Brings Energies of Reconciliation

Clear Calcite can bring you energies of reconciliation.

This is a highly beneficial metaphysical property of Clear Calcite if you are struggling in your relationship. 

You can use these crystals to fix broken relationships or save relationships that are in trouble, no matter how long you've been with the person.

It will be easier to reduce arguments and petty fights with the presence of uplifting and supportive energies surrounding you.

You and your loved one will be able to live harmoniously with the help of Calcite crystals.

Communicating clearly and effectively will ensure that no one feels misunderstood, unappreciated, or left out. This will help you maintain a healthy balance in your relationship.

Your relationship will be less stressful because it will remove your fears.

Any insecurities, jealousies, or resentments will be removed from your heart, and feelings will reassure you of love and devotion.

7. Emotional Healing 

The healing properties of Clear Calcite are especially beneficial for emotional healing. The result will be peace and serenity.

Your trust in yourself and your partner will increase with this crystal. There will be no more rifts, jealousies, or misunderstandings.

You will be able to overcome setbacks.

You will be able to adjust your way of thinking to cope with new situations, and eventually, new relationships.

Also, it will help enhance emotional intelligence.

It aids in analyzing a problem and remembering the essentials.

You will be able to turn an idea into action.

You will feel more hopeful and motivated.

It will also eliminate any stagnant energy that has caused you to feel restless with your partner.

How To Use Clear Calcite

using the clear calcite crystal

Whatever form you choose to welcome into your world, whether it is through gorgeous gemstone bracelets and jewelry, or tumbled stones to soak up your energy, all that matters is that you make room for the wonder of this shimmering gem to blossom. 

It is a beautiful meditation tool due to its serene and joyous approach.

With the bright burning motivation of Clear Calcite, you can sit with a question or creative thought, letting it connect with you and lead you towards the answer.

Below are ways in which you can incorporate this form of Calcite into your everyday life. 


When it comes to celebrating everything Clear Calcite, wearing gemstone jewelry is one of the best ways you can do so.

We tend to find rhythm and sync in the healing process when we have healing crystals close to us and without a barrier.

You can pair Clear Calcite with Onyx for enhanced protection if you want to know what other stones are best suited to it.

In The Home And Office 

Adding a Clear Calcite to your home will brighten any room.

Clear Calcite could be just what is needed for those who have felt stagnant air in their home or office or just need a significant energy shift.

It is so much easier to overcome anxiety and depression when we feel the simple pleasure that Clear Calcite radiates out into the world.

If you have a family home or if you share a space with another family, this is an excellent stone to use. 

Its ability to bring harmony and balance to your home as well as flush out negativity is excellent for improving communication, creating laughter, and preserving precious memories.


Furthermore it is also a powerful meditation stone since it has the ability to realign chakras and cleanse a person's aura.

As Clear Calcite pulsates at higher frequencies, it directly stimulates our higher chakras, enhancing one's mental clarity and awareness. 

As you work with this stone, your psychic abilities become unlocked, and you are inspired to be your best self.

It's ubiquitous to have inner visions of solutions to your problems, along with increased clarity of mind. 

In order to activate and strengthen the third eye during meditation, one should place a piece of Iceland Spar on the third eye and a selection of Clear Calcite on the crown (top of the head). 

Our crown chakra is opened and unlocked by the Clear Calcite, which allows higher vibrations and knowledge to seep into the mind of the user.

How To Cleanse Clear Calcite

Cleansing Clear Calcite

The best way to make the most of your amplifier moods is to keep your Clear Calcite clean and charged with positive energy. 

Although it may seem like it has endless energy, like all crystals, it works best if washed periodically so it can get rid of all the accumulated negative energy.

Clear Calcite can be brought back to pristine performance with a few drops of warm water and a soft cloth. 

Your Clear Calcite can be charged up in sunlight so it can send all those beautiful vibrations to its internal battery so that the battery is at 100%.

As Clear Calcite crystals tend to form clusters, this may also be a way to keep them charged.

Clear Calcite vs. Quartz 

Its physical appearance and properties are very similar to those of Iceland Spar, Clear Calcite.

Clarity, insight, manifestation, enhancement, power, and intention programming are some of their similarities.

Clear Calcite is a stone for finding solutions, as it will help find the source of the issue and remove it from its inception.

Minerals such as Quartz and Calcite are found in rocks all over the world.

It is often mistaken for a similarity between these minerals due to their many colors, which can range from purple, white to brown, gray, and colorless.

However, each mineral has distinct physical and chemical properties that make it unique from the other.

The hardness of Quartz is four times that of Calcite.

The Quartz sample can scratch the Calcite sample, but the Calcite sample cannot scrape the Quartz sample.

You can compare two samples by scratching one against the other to see how the hardness differs.

Crystals of Calcite exhibit rhombic cleavage, i.e., they break along three planes of weakness in order to form a rhombic shape.

Crystals of Quartz do not have a vital partition, but they can fracture across the crystal, leaving a rough surface.

If the fractured surface of the Quartz exhibits a swirl pattern, the fracture is conchoidal.

Final Thoughts On Clear Calcite

thoughts on the clear calcite meaning

Clear Calcite has out of this world metaphysical properties, benefits, and everyday uses that will help enhance your life for the better. 

In addition to being an excellent all-around crystal, it is especially beneficial for those who want to cleanse their emotional closets, allow creativity to flourish, and wish to tap into deeper levels of spirituality.

All this is done without making you feel severe or heavy but rather leans on the light of joy instead.

Clear Calcite is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer.

Clear Calcite is attuned to ALL Chakras.

Fire and Wind are associated with Clear Calcite, as well as the number 8.

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