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The Amazing Meaning Of All The Blue Aura Types

The Amazing Meaning Of All The Blue Aura Types

Auras come in a variety of colors. Depending on the patterns of your thoughts, feelings, and behavior, some shades become more apparent than others.

Each color has a meaningful description attached to it.

In this article, we focus on a remarkable set of colors: the shades of the blue aura. So, let us explore the amazing meaning of all the blue aura types.

But before describing the shades of the blue aura and their characteristics, let us consider first: what exactly do we mean by an aura?

What is an Aura?

woman with a blue aura

Your aura is unique to you, and you only. It is an egg-shaped field of energy that emanates from your soul, and it is for the main part imperceptible.

Although it encompasses your material body, your aura is larger than the physical stuff you’re made of. Before you even greet someone verbally, their ethereal body already gives you clues that allow you to form a first impression.

In fact, as soon as we enter each other’s field of energy, an exchange is already happening.

All auras have a certain pigmentation, and the predominant color has a tight affinity with the person himself.

It is a literal reflection of how the individual is regularly feeling about himself, the world, and others.

It speaks volumes about how he relates to all of these aspects in the long run.

For instance, a happy, bright and confident person might exude a beautiful yellow aura, whereas an energetic and passionate being would emit a captivating red aura.

Although your aura is distinctive of who you are, it is significantly impacted by your thoughts, your feelings, and your character.

That also means that the color of your aura is not static over the years, but it echoes the most prevalent experiences occurring within you.

This electromagnetic field is constantly changing, depending on your state of being, your way of relating to the world and to yourself, and to the period of your life that you’re in.

Factors like the quality of your everyday living, the alignment and balancing of your chakras, and your level of spiritual awareness all contribute to coloring your aura with a certain tint.

Basically, the dominant pattern of who you are in this instant of your life is reflected in the color of your aura.

It can teach you a lot about people -and about yourself. So let’s dive deeper into our self-discovering journey, and find out more about the shades of the blue aura.

The Spiritual Significance of The Blue Aura: Talking About Chakras

chakra with blue aura

The blue aura type is associated with the fifth chakra, which is located at the base of the throat.

This is an important energy center, as it serves the function of cleaning the body and mind to pave the way for a connection to the divine.

In fact, the blue color is tightly related to purity and authenticity. This means that the blue aura has a special relationship with the notion of Truth.

The throat chakra manages the mouth, the tongue, and the neck region.

These organs are essential for speaking up and sharing ideas with others. Yet, the throat chakra also includes the ability to listen more consciously to what others have to say.

As a matter of fact, the blue aura type points at a purity of soul, at the ability to express truth, and to the willingness to listen compassionately.

It also involves an openness to experiencing and perceiving spiritual matters in our material world. So, the blue aura has a strong spiritual significance, and it often means that the person is progressing fast on his or her spiritual journey. 

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Character Traits Of Someone With A Blue Aura

Woman’s face with different shades of blue aura

When a person has a blue aura, there are a few traits that usually emerge.

The main qualities related to it include communication skills, creativity, self-expression, peacefulness, and healing abilities.

Oftentimes, the blue aura type values honesty and clarity of mind and is aversive to deceitfulness, corruption, and anarchy.

These attributes tend to make for a calm and soothing personality, who avoids problems and appreciates helping others find their best self. 

People with blue auras are very sensitive individuals.

Thanks to their advancement in the spiritual path, they have developed sharp psychic abilities, which allow them to perceive delicate cues in their environment and in people.

People with blue auras are attuned to subtle changes in the moods of people and to the energy governing the room, and this helps them have a highly reliable intuition, that only gets refined with time and experience.

Nonetheless, blue aura types are not always calm and serene. In fact, just like the sky and the ocean, storms and tempests can visit from time to time.

In such moments, people with blue auras can truly assert their will about what should be done and how, which reflects their innate strong morals.

As we’ll see, blue auras have a variety of shades, and each one of those reflects specific attributes on the person.

Indeed, whether the aura color is light or dark, greenish or purplish, these elements can mean very different things, and they are essential for a better understanding of the blue aura.

Blue Aura Meanings

blue aura with a female face

Teal Aura

This aura color is not purely blue. It possesses some shades of green.

This means that you have strong healing abilities and that you’d be a perfect fit for a medical or therapeutic profession.

You are sensitive, empathetic, and soft-hearted.

Caring for people comes naturally, and your compassionate energy will attract many people who need recovery or improvement.

You can also physically and mentally sense threats and upcoming issues with others.

Still, people with teal auras have the ability to overcome tough situations that require fast and efficient adaptation to their environment.

These strengths mostly emerge by virtue of your thorough knowledge of self and the solid trust you have built in your understandings.

Cobalt Blue Aura

This type of aura has the clearest shade of blue from all the list. Such an intense concentration of blue is indicative of a highly attuned sensitivity.

It might even suggest the existence of refined psychic abilities. As such, you have a clear intuition and an impressive level of empathy.

You’re also likely to be an unselfish, benevolent, and helpful person.

Your strong personality can set you free from excessive worries and negative tendencies, and you’re courageous in the face of adversities and when dealing with new environments.

Your serenity and your stability can make you a leader that people look forward to.

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Sky Blue Aura

woman on beach with a sky blue aura

The sky blue aura color is lighter and clearer than the previous ones. This suggests that you might embody more positivity compared to the darker aura types.

Thanks to your soothing aura, your presence inspires peace, calm, and easefulness.

In all likelihood, you might have a strong sense of honor and integrity, a developed morality, and crystal clear clarity within your own mind. This usually translates into very effective communication and a pure connection with significant others.

One of your greatest qualities lies in your creative capacity, which you can express through art and self-expression.

Blue-Grey Aura

Since this color is more opaque and tenebrous, your energy is probably quite alike.

This aura type can be quite dark, perhaps lacking in the purity of heart and mind, or going through a challenging period beset with suffering.

Some insecurities might be at the source of this color. The most prominent example of this is the misunderstanding or rejection of your own sensitive traits.

People with darker aura often develop a degree of fear against their manifest strength. This can be due to a lack of self-awareness and understanding.

For this specific type of aura, you are probably afraid to express yourself plainly and truthfully, and this can be quite challenging when having to make critical choices in your life.

However, your aura can still be cleansed and enlightened as you start meditating and introspecting throughout your soul-searching journey.

Blue-Indigo Aura  

Such a color lies between blue and purple, two very remarkable aura colors.

In fact, this blend of shades oftentimes signifies that you have a deep personality and that your interests lie far beyond the material world.

Your intuitive abilities are advanced and mature, thanks to your indigo tint, all the while having the ease, sensitivity, and communication skills that often characterize a blue aura.

Your energy is appealing, thanks to your mysterious appearance, although this comes with the price of coming out as untrustworthy.

Even if some people might misunderstand you, you can still connect to others very easily and at the same time have an unfathomable depth to your psyche.

The Key Takeaways

People with blue auras are extremely sensitive and expressive.

They have qualities that match their psychic personalities. Being honest and available for others are strongly held values by people with blue auras.

They shine the brightest when they can express themselves, be creative, and follow their intuition.

When they fear articulating themselves, however, their auras might grow darker and muddier.

So, if you think your aura is blue, make sure to embody your need for self-expression and not shy away from communicating as directly as you can!

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