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7 Surprising Apocalypse Dream Meanings & Interpretations

7 Surprising Apocalypse Dream Meanings & Interpretations

It is no longer a secret that dreaming is a natural phenomenon happening to all of us during REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement), and Apocalypse Dreams are pretty common.

We dream regardless of how much we ate at the dinner before (contrary to what was believed until not long ago), what mood we have when we go to sleep, what thoughts fill our minds, regardless of our traumas, fears, and wishes.

Dreaming is related to an instinctual activity, an inner display with the role of helping you with your day-by-day life putting together what it “believes” to be solid symbols for you to understand, remember, figure out.

A dream of apocalypse is a common dream with rich messages and symbols related to change, the end of something, control, emotions, detachment, feeling unprepared for something.

The first way to interpret a dream is to analyze the dreamer’s emotions, circumstances, and the different symbols given during a dream or by the dreamt situation.

The second part of the dream interpretation is to analyze the dreamer’s life circumstances and see where emotions and symbols from the dream match the real-life realm.

Don’t worry, you won’t bring the Apocalypse on Earth by dreaming it, so I invite you to discover seven possible Apocalypse Dream Meanings and Interpretations.

Apocalypse Dream Meaning Interpretation

Apocalypse Dream Meaning

Too much content with Apocalyptic theme

Let’s get real before we get all “mystic”, diving into the unknown of symbols and interpretations. 

If you entertain yourself with apocalyptic movies, watch (too much) tv content showing disasters and natural (or not) calamities, if you like to read about the apocalypse, or you just overthink about, it’s only natural to start dreaming it.

In such a situation, a dream about apocalypse could have two possible meanings.

On the one hand, it could be a sign that you should be more selective with what you “feed” your mind and soul with: exposing yourself daily to news and content about the apocalypse, disasters, instability, crisis, war, etc., is as bad for your health as eating inadequate food.

Going on the same idea of “too much” (consuming what is not beneficial for us), the second meaning of having Apocalypse dreams could be a sign that you need to cleanse yourself, detox.

It has different meanings for each person, so choose what’s suitable for you: it could be a warm bath with salts and spices, fasting, or even detox treatments. 

Sign Of Stress

If you do not over-delight yourself with apocalyptic content and suddenly start having apocalypse dreams, it could signify that you are passing through a stressful period.

In this case, the analyzed symbol is the stress factor: your mind uses the pressure given by such an extreme condition (an Apocalypse) to represent the intensity of stress from your day-by-day life through your Apocalypse dream.

If the most intense feelings you have related to your Apocalypse dream are pressure, stress, tension, weight, either you are passing through a stressful period in your life, or you are about to.

Losing your job or a loved one, for example, or breaking up with your partner, could trigger an Apocalypse dream, symbolizing how you perceive the situation and its weight, and it is not necessarily related to the outcome of the situation.

Emotional Struggles

Apocalypse Dream Interpretation

Another apocalyptic dream meaning could be related to your emotional side, especially if in your Apocalypse dream is present with the element water (symbol of emotions).

You might be in a life situation where you are challenged to deal with emotions you buried a long time ago or deal with some emotional turmoil.

Again, the dominant emotion(s) you have during your Apocalypse dream is that you should be paying attention to: could be fear, shame, or guilt (if you survive the Apocalypse, for example), worries, anxiety, etc.

The Apocalypse dream could symbolize deep-buried fears, which are about to emerge to the surface as the result of a (coming) event or situation.

If, for example, you are dating someone, the relationship seems to follow its natural course towards the next level, and you start having Apocalypse dreams.

In this particular example, the Apocalypse dream symbolize your buried emotions from previous relationships, experiences: fear (of being hurt, of losing the loved one), shame or guilt (if the connection has been a toxic one), and even sadness and emptiness (if, for example, you didn’t offer yourself closure from the previous relationship).

Of course, this is available for different life situations, including work (fear of failure, guilt for taking someone else’s place, shame for not being good enough, etc.), friendship, attitudes, and lessons you’ve learned and no longer serve you.

If you want to learn how to discover and resolve buried emotional trauma check out this article on Shadow Work.

Spiritual changes coming

Searching further into the symbols of an Apocalypse dream, allow me to ask you: what would happen in case of an actual apocalypse?

Well, everything would change, wouldn’t it?

So, one of the main symbolistic of the Apocalypse dream is the change.

According to the Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms, Apocalypse represents “the final revealing of divine mysteries”, which means that an Apocalypse dream could imply a revelation, followed by a significant change that will lead, in the end, to reach a higher version of yourself.

It is that kind of situation when, after you have had a revelation, you change your life completely: quit your (boring, unsatisfying) job, leave a (toxic) relationship or friendship, relocate yourself, etc.

So an Apocalypse dream precedes a spiritual awakening, a revelation, the discovery of inner truth, if you will, with significant impact in your material life.

Apocalypse dreams are a positive sign if you find yourself stuck in a situation, or something feels off for a while now, because soon you are about to get in alignment with your truth, and that would mean the Apocalypse of your reality as you know it now.

Lack of Control Feeling

Another life situation that could favor the appearance of Apocalypse dreams is related to feelings of helplessness, weakness, vulnerability, lack of control in general.

The stress accumulated from things out of your control in worldly life, such as economic and political instability, increases the chances of having apocalyptic dreams.

There are circumstances and emotions above your control and, although in real life you might be constrained by the conditions and appearances to “keep it cool”, your subconscious is affected.

Displaying you an Apocalypse dream, your subconscious helps you process and manage all the accumulated emotions of the events outside of your control, such as helplessness and vulnerability. 

In this situation, the Apocalypse dream is mainly fueled by the fear that no matter how good you prepare yourself, something you have no control over will happen and bring the Apocalypse upon you.

Feeling off-guard

Apocalypse Dream

Since the end of the world is not something you are ever prepared for, another symbolistic of the Apocalypse dream is strongly related to the feeling of being unprepared.

Another life situation when the Apocalypse dream might occur is being unprepared for an important matter that you must sort out.

It could be related to your work (for example, for the first time, you must make a public speech), family (marriage or a  coming child), even that vacation you have been planning for two years now, etc.

If you find yourself ahead of events that might wake up the fear that something will go wrong regardless of how much you prepare, the Apocalypse dream will show up as a representation of that concern.

The Apocalypse dream represents your anxiety of feeling unprepared, no matter how much or good you prepare, and it is not related to the outcome of the event itself.

The message hidden in this Apocalypse dream is that, although it is wise to prepare as well as possible for something, you must accept and understand that you can not be ready for absolutely every type of situation that life might throw at you.

Realizing and accepting that you can not control everything no matter how good you prepare yourself will bring you peace and joy and help you have a more relaxed attitude towards life.

Some strings of the past

If your Apocalypse dream is happening after the moment of the disaster, you survived it, and you feel unsafe, insecure like you do not know what to do, most likely the dream symbolizes a fear for the future coming from something from the past you still hold onto. 

It is more of a post-apocalyptic dream, and it symbolizes a new level in your life where some old habits, attitudes, people, places, etc., might not be suitable anymore.

Maybe what you hold onto was a traumatic event, a person who became toxic, your core values changed, etc.; in any case, it is something you need to let go of, so you can make the ascent to the new level of your life.

Pay attention to the emotions and feelings you are experiencing during your post-Apocalypse dream, as they could lead you to understand what things you need to let go of from your past.

Surviving Apocalypse Dream Meaning

As I was initially saying, your emotions during an Apocalypse dream could help better interpret the dream.

We already talked about the meaning of post-Apocalypse dream if you survive it and feel scared, insecure, and unsafe like you do not belong in this new world.

However, the same post-Apocalypse dream can have a different meaning if your emotions during the dream are other.

For example, suppose in your post-Apocalypse dream, you feel determined to start over (in) the new world and make the best out of what’s left after the Apocalypse.

In that case, your post-Apocalypse dream symbolizes your power to overcome obstacles and your ability to surmount the challenges you are most likely experiencing lately in the material realm.

Remember as much as possible the emotions during the post-Apocalypse dream, for those are the symbols of how you will be feeling in the real-life: determined, motivated, powerful, and even victorious.

Therefore, when it comes accompanied by a charge of positive emotions, the post-Apocalypse dream stands for new beginnings, chances, hope, and a new life, in general.

Zombie Apocalypse Dream Meaning

Zombie Apocalypse Dream

First things, first: let’s consider the option where you might have been watching way too many movies with zombies lately because if you did, there are high chances to start dreaming about them.

However, if your cinematic tastes do not include the zombies’ movies particularly and you start having zombie Apocalypse dreams, there are a  few other possible interpretations of this dream.

When we think about zombies, we think of the dead and reanimated people, unenergized and shallow, driven by the hunger for our brains.

Similarly to how we feel on a rainy, heavy day, even expressing that with the saying “I feel like a zombie”. 

Putting these two together, especially if you are the zombie in your zombie Apocalypse dream, could signify fatigue, burn-out, exhaust, lack of good sleep, and so on.

In this case, the zombie Apocalypse dream should be taken as a sign to take better care of yourself if you want to avoid becoming a zombie and bringing the Apocalypse into your life.

Another symbolistic observed in zombies’ image is the lack of detachment.

Each zombie cares only to get its piece of brainy food and doesn’t interact with other zombies, even less with its food, other normal people.

If you are the zombie in your zombie Apocalypse, a dream could signify that you feel detached from other people, maybe even left out/behind or lonely.

If in your zombie Apocalypse dream, the others are the zombies, it could signify that you have evolved, you outgrew, and it is time to let go of some of (people of) your past.

Also, zombie Apocalypse dream tends to occur in a situation related to grieving or depression (again, the symbolism of detachment).

If you are depressed or grieving, the zombie Apocalypse dream symbolizes an encouragement to search for help, to reach out to someone.

Finally, given the unquestionable presence of the idea of death, which is a symbol of change, despite our creepy perception of it, the zombie Apocalypse dream could symbolize transformation.

It could be a transformation that is already started, and other details in the dream might give you clues about how it is going or what you should do next.

Or it could be an indicator of what aspects of life you need to work at, so you can move on and evolve.

Again, pay attention to the emotions, feelings, and other details during your zombie Apocalypse dream, as they could be clues about the transformations you need to make.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed learning about the Apocalypse Dream Meanings.

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