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The Alpha Female: 11 Amazing Traits That Reveal If YOU Are One

The Alpha Female: 11 Amazing Traits That Reveal If YOU Are One

Do you always seem to take the role of the leader? Perhaps you are super ambitious and always seem to get what you want.

If so, you may be an alpha female!

This is a phrase that has been appearing loads recently, with a lot of women self-identifying as alpha females.

But, what actually is an alpha female, and what are some alpha female traits that suggest that you might fit into this personality archetype!?

Of course, personality traits are just a bit of fun and they do not define who you are.

Everyone is unique, and you might have some traits of an alpha female and some traits of a beta female.

But, I do think it is really interesting how we do tend to fit into specific personality archetypes.

When we know ours, we can work out what we can do in order to be our best possible selves. 

What Is an Alpha Female?

An alpha female is someone who is head-strong and self-assured.

They are natural leaders and will often inspire those around them.

They normally speak their minds and work hard in order to achieve their goals. 

An alpha female is often seen as being at the top of the social hierarchy.

They are the glue that sticks people together, and someone that you can rely on. 

The Alpha Female Traits And Characteristics

Alpha Female Traits

Okay, so now we know the general definition of the alpha female, we can take a deeper look into this personality archetype. 

Let’s look at some wonderful alpha female traits in detail. Do you relate to any of these?

They Are Confident 

A huge alpha female trait is confidence.

No matter where they go or who they talk to, they will often present themselves in a super confident way and this means that people look up to them. 

The confidence they exude is extremely powerful and it means that they can excel massively in so many different fields.

Whatever their passion is, the alpha female goes for their goals and does so with positive energy and a great outlook on life!

They Are Inspiring 

A female alpha will be well respected in their field and friendship group. This is mainly because they are really inspiring to many other women and their confidence is infectious. 

Because of a lot of old-age sexist traditions and beliefs, a lot of women lack confidence and the ability to really to truly be themselves.

They might think that they just can’t do what men are doing, and therefore resign themselves to more heteronormative traditional roles in society. 

So, when they see an alpha female stepping out into the world and forging their own path, they are incredibly inspired. An alpha woman shows the world that they can do what men are doing, and better!

They are paving the way for other women around the world, and this is incredible. 

They Have Strong Leadership Roles

The alpha female will often find themselves being the leader, even if they don’t plan it!

They are not reluctant to step up and take charge in a situation and they do their best to lead others in a positive direction. 

In the workplace, they will often be the one to plan and act. They will naturally take charge and are confident in their ability to lead. 

They are able to stand up and be heard in a room full of men and are not intimidated by anyone.

This may cause friction in the workplace (especially with alpha males), but most people will know that the alpha female is an inspirational and strong leader. 

They Believe In Themselves 

alpha females believe in themselves

Alpha females will believe in themselves and the power that they have to do exactly what they want to do. 

It may not have been an easy ride to get to this point. In society, a strong woman is often shunned and shamed and this can really affect their self-esteem.

However, the alpha female has worked hard to be proud and confident and to believe in their abilities. 

Of course, like anyone, they might find themselves with a little voice of self-doubt in their head. But, they know to reject this voice and to carry on being themselves. 

They Have Ambition 

They have tonnes of ambition and work hard to get to where they want to be. They will feel extremely passionate about the field that they are in and put huge amounts of effort into their work life and hobbies. 

Because of their ambition, an alpha females will go the extra mile in order to work on their goals.

This may be in regards to their work. Perhaps you are always volunteering to run extra events at work, or taking on more than you actually need to. 

If you are an alpha female, you are doing this because you love your work and know what you need to do in order to get ahead. 

When it comes to being an alpha female, ambition can manifest in so many different ways. It may be a huge passion for their job, but they can be ambitious in making the world a better place.

Because the alpha female knows that they are a strong leader, they may pursue a worldwide cause and aim to help others. 

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They Crave Information 

Often they will be someone who craves information and learning.

They know that there is so much of the world to understand, and they know that it is important to immerse themselves in everything they can!

If you are an alpha female, you believe that it is important to keep on learning continuously.

You will be open to hearing other people's points of view and learning from those around you. You know that everyone in the world can teach you something!

An alpha female will be a voracious reader and watch tonnes of documentaries. They will be constantly seeking out intelligent conversation and new ideas. 

Because they crave to be an expert in their field, they will never really stop learning about it. If they have a goal, they will work continuously to get there. 

They Often Get What They Want 

For the alpha female, getting what they want is the only option. When they have their eyes on something, they will do everything they can to achieve it. 

This will often be a career goal and they know that their hard work and confidence will definitely help them on their way.

They will often put in extra hours and go the extra mile in order to achieve their goal. 

When it comes to friends and family disputes, they know how to argue their case in order for the situation to go their way. Sometimes, this means that they can be ruthless.

Most of the people around them know that this is how they are, but this can cause friction and upset.

Sometimes, the alpha female needs to put aside their own goals and opinions in order to be supportive to their loved ones!

They Bring People Together

Alpha females bring people together

The alpha female will often be the leader of their friendship group.

They are the organizer and the person to plan day trips or nights out. Because of their leadership skills, they are able to bring people together in order to have fun or work hard!

They will be the one who posts first in the chat groups to organize secret Santa and the person who is the first to buy the card for a recently engaged friend!

In the workplace, they work hard to bring everyone together as a team. They know that working together is best for everyone, so do what they can in order to achieve this!

They are great at taking initiative within their workgroup in order for everyone to connect and understand one another. 

They Are Well Respected 

Because of their ambition and confidence, they are often well respected both in their field of work and in society as a whole. 

A lot of people who work with an alpha female will look up to them and admire them for the effort and dedication that they put into their careers.

Even if someone has an issue with the alpha female about something, they will still respect them for how they conduct themselves.

When it comes to problems in the workplace, the alpha female will be open and communicative and this garners them a lot of respect. 

They are also well respected in their friendship and family groups. They are often the ones that solve problems, and this means that others look up to them. 

People Come To Them For Advice 

Because of the leadership skills of the alpha female, they are often the person that people come to for advice.

If someone in their friendship group is going through a hard time, they will contact the alpha female first in order to get smart insight into their situation. 

They are also great at helping others as they are smart and inspiring. They know how to use their words in order to comfort their loved ones, but also know how to give pragmatic advice. 

Furthermore, the alpha female loves to give advice and help others!

They are confident in their abilities and would never knowingly give bad advice. They do their best to raise others up and help the ambitions of those around them. 

They Have Self-Respect 

An amazing personality trait of the alpha female is that they have huge amounts of self-respect and will never put up with negativity and harmful people. 

When it comes to relationships and friendships, the alpha female is not scared of cutting toxic people out of their lives.

The world is full of narcissistic energy vampires that suck happiness out of everyone around them.

However, the alpha female knows how to spot these people a mile of, and will never give them the time of day! 

This means that the alpha female fills their life with great people who can help her and who she can help.

She knows that connections with others are really important in order to achieve her goals and live a meaningful life, so works hard in order to deepen these connections. 

If an alpha female is wronged, she will often reject the person outright.

She is known to cut people out of her life for bad behavior, and this is fair enough! Life is too short to waste your time on negative people. 

When it comes to relationships, an alpha female will often break up with someone when she first sees any negative behavior.

She values her own happiness too much and does not want to be messed around by anyone.

Are There Any Alpha Female Weaknesses?

Alpha female weaknesses

People often see the alpha female as being the best, and from this list of alpha female traits, you can see why!

But, not everyone is perfect, so surely there are some alpha female weaknesses?

Firstly, an alpha female might not take time for themselves to relax, and this can really impact their stress levels.

Because of their ambition, they sometimes never stop working or socializing. This means that the alpha female runs the risk of burning out. 

If you are an alpha female who suffers from stress, take time out to work on your spirituality and clear your mind.

Using incense or crystals is a good place to start and this can help your stress and anxiety levels. 

Another alpha female weakness is that they can be pretty stubborn sometimes. Because they know what they want and work hard to get their own way, they can get pretty frustrated when things don’t work out the way they planned.

They can also sometimes find it hard to step aside and let someone else take charge. 

What Are Alpha Females Attracted To?

When it comes to finding a romantic partner, the alpha female can be pretty specific!

They look for someone that matches them in regards to ambition and confidence but also wants to be respected and treated with kindness. 

They value romantic relationships but know that they can clash with those that are really similar to them. They want someone with the same ambition but need to be supported in their goals. 

This means that it will sometimes take an alpha female a while to find their perfect match. But when they do, they are really content and happy within their relationship. 

Be Proud of Your Ambition and Confidence!

It can be hard for alpha females sometimes, as society often will bring down strong and powerful women.

But, if you are reading this and relating to the alpha female traits and characteristics, be proud of who you are! 

It is wonderful and powerful to be an alpha woman, and you are set to be successful in any way you wish. 

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